World War II

This topic contains works and documents about the Second World War (1939-1945). More combatants and civilians were killed in World War II than any other war in the history of the world. Lasting for six years, this horrific war involved almost every nation on the planet, the development of new weapons and military tactics, and saw the genocide of millions of Jews. This collection of documents explores such events such as the D-Day invasion of France, the development of the first atomic weapon, and the United States' declaration of war against Japan and Germany.

 140 Fireside Chat. (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

 37 Prayer on D-Day. (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

 Anglo-Soviet Agreement for Joint Action Against Germany (July 12, 1941) and Alliance (May 26, 1942)

 Arrangements for Control of Germany by Allied Representatives, September 20, 1945 (Extracts)

 British Declaration of State of War With Germany, September 3, 1939

 Churchill on the Battle of Britain

 D-Day (Thomas L. Purvis)

 D-Day Message from General Eisenhower to General Marshall

 Declaration by the United States of America of a State of War With Japan, December 8, 1941

 Directive to General Eisenhower on the Military Government of Germany, April 1945

 Entry of the United States Into the War

 Entry of The. U.S.S.R. Into the War

 Establishment of the Vichy French Dictatorship

 Executive Order 9066: Japanese Relocation Order (1942)

 Expulsion of the Soviet Union from the League of Nations, December 14, 1939

 From Casablanca to Potsdam

 General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Order of the Day (1944)

 Genocide, Incorporated (Hermann Gräbe)

 German Official "Line" on the Finnish-Soviet War

 Japanese Relocation (Thomas L. Purvis)

 Joint Address to Congress Leading to a Declaration of War Against Japan (1941)

 Lend Lease Act (Thomas L. Purvis)

 Lend-Lease Act (1941)

 Letter from Hitler to Mussolini Explaining the Attack on the Soviet Union

 Manhattan Project (Thomas L. Purvis)

 Manhattan Project Notebook (1945)

 Marshall Plan (1948)

 Message by President Roosevelt to Congress on War With Japan, December 8, 1941

 Military Agreement Between Great Britain and the Free French Force, August 7, 1940

 Mr. Churchill’s Speech of August 20, 1940— "So Much Owed by So Many to So Few" (Extracts)

 Mr. Churchill’s Speech of June 18, 1940— "Their Finest Hour" (Extracts)

 Note of the United States to Germany and Italy on European Possessions in the Western Hemisphere

 Official American Statements on the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima, April 6, 1945

 Pearl Harbor, Attack on (Thomas L. Purvis)

 President Roosevelt’s Annual Message to Congress, January 6, 1941— "the Four Freedoms" (Extracts)

 President Roosevelt’s Message to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, 1939 (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

 President Roosevelt’s Message to Congress Requesting War Declarations With Germany and Italy, 1941 (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

 Roosevelt’s Address to Congress Requesting a Declaration of War With Japan, 1941 (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

 Servicemen’s Readjustment Act (1944)

 Storm Over Germania: The Schweinfurt Raid (Walter Peters)

 The "Lend-Lease Act," March 11, 1941

 The Anglo-French Guarantee of Polish Independence, March 31, 1939

 The Atlantic Charter, August 14, 1941

 The Berlin or Potsdam Conference, July 17— August 2, 1945

 The British Offer of Union With France, June 16, 1940

 The Conference at Yalta in the Crimea, February 4– 11, 1945

 The End of Lend-Lease, August 21, 1945

 The End of the Third International

 The Fall of the Third French Republic

 The Finnish-Soviet War of 1939– 1940

 The First Cairo Conference, November 22– 26, 1943

 The Franco-German Armistice, June 25, 1940

 The German Declaration of War on the United States, December 11, 1941

 The German Surrender, May 7– 8/9, 1945

 The German Ultimatum to Poland, August 30– 31, 1939

 The German Ultimatum to the Norwegian and Danish Governments, April 9, 1940

 The German-Italian Alliance of May 22, 1939

 The German-Italian-Japanese Alliance or Three Power Pact of September 27, 1940

 The Italian Armistice, September 3, 1943

 The Italian Declaration of War on Germany, October 13, 1943

 The Manhattan Project Atomic Bomb Investigating Group ("United States Army Corps of Engineers, Manhattan District")

 The Moscow Conference of Foreign Ministers, October 19– 30, 1943

 The Nazi Technique of Occupation

 The Official Naming of World War II

 The Outbreak of War, 1939

 The Partition of Poland

 The Surrender of Japan, September 2, 1945 (V-J Day)

 The Tehran Conference, November 28. December 1, 1943

 The Testaments of Adolph Hitler

 Treaty Between the Soviet Union and the Polish Government-In-Exile, July 30, 1941

 Treaty of Non-Aggression Between Germany and the U.S.S.R., August 23, 1939

 United States Declaration of War Against Germany, December 11, 1941

 Winston Churchill Begins His Walk With Destiny (Winston Churchill)