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 Ancient Society
 Evolution in Art: Introduction
 History of Human Marriage,
 History of Mankind
 Journal of American Folk-Lore
 Journal of the Anthropological Institute
 Native Tribes of Central Australia
 Native Tribes of Central Australia
 Native Tribes of South-East Australia
 Origins of Invention
 Primitive Culture
 Primitive Music
 Primitive Secret Societies
 Principles of Sociology
 Reports of the Bureau of Ethnology
 Source Book for Social Origins: Ethnological Materials, Psychological Standpoint, Classified and Annotated Bibliographies for the Interpretation of Savage Society
 The Beginnings of Art
 The Evolution of Culture
 The Evolution of Culture
 The History of Human Marriage
 The Mystic Rose
 The Origins of Art
 The Todas
 U. S. Geogr. And Geol. Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region: Contributions to American Ethnology