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Date: 3000-1000 B.C.

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Book of the Dead


The Beginning of the Chapters of Coming forth by day, of the Words which bring about Resurrection and Glory, and of Coming out of and entering into Amenta. Said upon the Day of Burial of N [the Deceased], the Victorious, who enters after coming forth. Here is Nthe Victorious. He saith:

O Bull of Amenta, It is Thoth, the everlasting King, who is here.

I am the great god in the Bark, who have fought for thee.

I am one of these gods, the Powers who effect the triumph of Osiris over his adversaries on the day of the Weighing of the Words: I am thy kinsman, Osiris.

I am one of those gods to whom Nut has given birth, who slay the adversaries of Osiris and imprison the Sebau, on his behalf: I am thy kinsman, Horus.

I have fought for thee, and have prevailed for thy name.

I am Thoth who effect the triumph of Osiris over his adversaries on that day of Weighing of the Words in the House of the Prince, which is in Heliopolis.

I am Tatti, the son of Tatti, conceived in Tattu and born in Tattu; and Tattu is my name.

I am with the mourners and weepers who wail over Osiris in Rechit, and who effect the triumph of Osiris over his adversaries.

Ra issued the mandate of Thoth, that he should effect the triumph of Osiris against his adversaries, and the mandate is what Thoth hath executed.

I am with Horus on the day of covering Teshtesh and of opening the fountains for the refreshment of the god whose heart is motionless, and closing the entrance to the hidden things in Restau.

I am with Horus, as the avenger of that left arm of Osiris which is in Sechem.

I enter and I come forth from the Abode of Flame on the day when the adversaries are annihilated at Sechem.

I am with Horus on the day when the festivals of Osiris are celebrated, and when offerings are made [to Ra], on the Feast of the Sixth day of the Month, and on the Feast of Tenait in Heliopolis.

I am the Priest in Tattu and exalt him who is on the Height.

I am the Prophet in Abydos on the day when the earth is raised.

I am he who seeth what is shut up at Restau.

I am he who reciteth the liturgies of the Soul who is Lord of Tattu.

I am Sem-priest in all that pertaineth to his office.

I am the Arch-Craftsman, on the day in which the Ship of Sokaru is laid up its stocks.

I am he who siezeth the mattock, on the day of the Feast of Hoeing in Suten-henen.

O ye who bring beneficent souls into the house of Osiris, do ye bring the soul of N together with you into the house of Osiris; let him see as you see, let him hear as you hear, let him stand as you stand, and sit as you sit [in the house of Osiris].

O ye who give bread and beer to beneficent souls in the house of Osiris, do ye give bread and beer at the two periods to the soul of N who is with you.

O ye who unclose the ways and open the roads to beneficent souls in the house of Osiris, unclose then the ways and open the roads to the soul of N who is with you, let him enter boldly and come forth in peace at the house of Osiris, without hindrance and without repulse. Let him enter at his pleasure and go forth at his will, triumphantly with you; and let that be executed which he shall order in the house of Osiris.

No lightness of his in the scale has been found and the Balance is relieved of his case.


Chapter for Coming forth by day and Living after death.

Oh thou Only One, who shinest from the Moon, let me come forth amid that train of thine, at large, and let me be revealed as one of those in glory.

And when the Tuat is opened to the gods, let N come forth to do his pleasure upon earth amid the Living.


Another Chapter, for traveling on the road which is above the earth.

It is I who travel on the Stream which divideth on the divine Pair, I am come, let there be given to me the lands of Osiris.


Chapter whereby the funeral Statuettes may be made to do work for a person in the Netherworld.

O Statuette there! Should I be called and appointed to do any of the labours that are done in the Netherworld by a person according to his abilities, lo! all obstacles have been beaten down for thee; be thou counted for me at every moment, for planting the fields, for watering the soil, for conveying the sands of the east and west.

Here am I, whithersoever thou callest me.


Chapter of opening the Tuat by day.

The Hour discloseth what the head of Thoth keepeth close, who giveth might to the Eye of Horus.

And I call upon the Eye of Horus which gleams as an ornament upon the brow of Ra, the father of the gods.

I am that Osiris, the Lord of Amenta, and Osiris knoweth his day, and that it is in his lot that he should end his being and be no more.

I am Sutu, the father of the gods, the imperishable one.

Stay, Horus, for he is counted among the gods.


Chapter for opening the Tuat.

O soul most mighty, here am I: I am come to thee that I may see thee.

I open the Tuat that I may see my father Osiris and may drive away the darkness.

I am he whom he loveth. I have come to see my father Osiris, to pierce the heart of Sutu, and to perform all duties to my father Osiris.

I open all the paths in heaven and upon earth.

I am the son who loveth his father, and I am come as a mummied one, glorious and well equipt.

Oh, all ye gods and goddesses, the path is made for me.


Chapter for coming forth victoriously.

I come forth victoriously against the adversaries.

I cleave the heaven, I open the horizon and I travel over the earth on foot. There come forward to me the Glorious and the Great ones, for I am furnished with numberless Words of Might.

I eat with my mouth, and I chew with my jaws; for, lo, I worship the god who is Lord of the Tuat, and that is given to me which endureth amid overthrow.


Chapter for coming out against the adversary in the Netherworld.

Here is the Osiris N.

O Eater of his arm, away from his path!

I am Ra coming forth from the horizon against his adversary, whoshall not be delivered from me.

I have stretched out my hand, as the Lord of the Crown, and lifted my feet.

I shall not be given up; my adversary shall fall before me; he hath been given up to me and shall not be delivered from me.

I rise up like Horus, I sit down as Ptah, I am victorious as Thoth, and powerful as Tmu: I walk upon my feet, I speak with my mouth, searching for him who hath been given up to me; he shall not be delivered from me.


Chapter for removing displeasure from the heart of the god against the deceased person.

Hail to thee, oh god who sendeth forth the Moment, who presidest over all the Secret things and protectest the utterance of my words.

Here is a god displeased against me; let wrong be over-whelmed and let it fall upon the hands of the Lord of Law. Remove the impediments which are in me and the evil and the darkness, oh Lord of Law, and let that god be reconciled to me, removing that which detaineth me from thee.

Oh, lord of offerings in Kenu, let me offer to thee the propitiary offering by which thou livest, and let me live by it and be reconciled.

Let all the displeasure which is in thy heart against me be removed.


Adored be Ra, when he riseth up from the eastern horizon of Heaven; they who accompany him extol him.

Here is the Osiris N, the Victorious, and he saith:

O thou radiant Orb, who arisest each day from the Horizon, shine thou upon the face of the Osiris N who adoreth thee at dawn, and propitiateth thee at the gloaming.

Let the soul of N come forth with thee into heaven, let him journey in the Maatit boat and finish his course in the Sektit boat till he reach in heaven unto the Stars which set.

He saith, as he invoketh his Lord, the Eternal one:

Hail to thee, Horus of the Two Horizons, who are Chepera Self-originating; Beautiful is thy rising up from the horizon, enlightening the two Earths with thy rays. All the gods are in exultation when they see thee the King of Heaven, with the Nebt Unnut established upon the head (and the diadem of the South and the diadem of the Northupon thy brow) which maketh her abode in front of thee.

Thoth abideth at the prow of thy bark that he may destroy all thine adversaries.

They who dwell in the Tuat are coming forth to meet thy Majesty, and to gaze upon that beautiful semblance of thine.

And I too come to thee that I may be with thee to see thine Orb each day; let me not be detained, let me not be repulsed.

Let my limbs be renewed by the contemplation of thy glories, like all thy servants, for I am one of these who honoured thee upon earth.

Let me reach the Land of Ages, let me gain the land of Eternity; for thou, my Lord, hast destined them for me.

The Osiris N; he saith:

Hail to thee who riseth up from the Horizon as Ra in union with Maat; thou dost traverse heaven in peace and all men see thee as thou goest forward. And after being concealed from them thou presentest thyself at the dawn of each day.

Brisk is the bark under thy Majesty.

Thy rays are upon men’s faces; the golden glories they cannot be told; not to be described are thy beams.

The Land of the gods, the colours of Punit are seen in them; that men may form an estimate of that which is hidden from their faces.

Alone are thou when thy form riseth up upon the Sky; let me advance as thou advancest, like thy Majesty, without a pause, O Ra, whom none can outstrip.

A mighty march is thine; Leagues by millions, and hundreds of thousands, in a small moment thou hast traveled them, and thou goest to rest.

Thou completest the hours of the Night, according as thou hast measured them out. And when thou hast completed them according to thy rule, day dawneth.

Thou presentest thyself at thy place as Ra, as thou risest from the Horizon.

The Osiris N, he saith, as he adoreth thee when thou shinest; He saith to thee when thou risest up at dawn, as he exalteth thine appearance;

Thou comest forth, most glorious one, fashioning and forming thy limbs, giving birth to them without any labour, as Ra rising in heaven.

Grant that I may attain to the Heaven of eternity and the abode of thy servants; let me be united with the venerable and mighty Chu of the Netherworld; let me come forth with them to see thy glories, asthou shinest at the gloaming, when thy mother Nut enfoldeth thee.

And when thou turnest thy face to the West, mine hands are in adoration to thy setting as one who liveth; for it is thou who hast created Eternity.

I have set thee in my heart unceasingly, who are more mighty than all the gods.

The Osiris N, he saith:

Adoration to thee, who risest out of the Golden, and givest light to the earth on the day of thy birth. Thy mother bringeth thee forth upon her hands, that thou mayest give light to the whole circumference which the Solar Orb enlighteneth.

Mighty Enlightener, who risest up in the Sky and raisest up the tribes of men by thy Stream, and givest holiday to all districts, towns and temples; and raising food, nourishment and dainties.

Most Mighty one, master of masters, who defendest every abode of thine against wrong, Most Glorious one in thine Evening Bark, Most Illustrious in thy Morning Bark.

Glorify thou the Osiris N in the Netherworld, grant that he may come into Amenta without defect and free from wrong, and set him among the faithful and venerable ones.

Let him be united with the souls in the Netherworld, let him sail about in the country of Aarru after a joyful journey.

Here is the Osiris N.

Come forth into Heaven, sail across the firmament and enter into brotherhood with the Stars, let salutation be made to thee in the Bark, let invocation be made to thee in the Morning Bark. Contemplate Ra within his Ark and do thou propitiate his Orb daily. See the Ant fish in its birth from the emerald stream, and see the Abtu fish and its rotations.

And let the offender [the dragon Apepi] fall prostrate, when he meditates destruction for me, by blows upon his back-bone.

Ra springs forth with a fair wind; the Evening Bark speeds on and reaches the Haven; the crew of Ra are in exultation when they look upon him; the Mistress of Life, her heart is delighted at the overthrow of the adversary of her Lord.

See thou Horus at the Look-out at the bow, and at his sides, Thoth and Maat. All the gods are in exultation when they behold Ra coming in peace to give new life to the hearts of the Chu, and here is Osiris N along with them.


Adored be Ra, as he setteth in the Land of Life.

Hail to thee, who hast come as Tmu, and hast been the orator of the cycle of the gods,

Hail to thee, who hast come as the Soul of Souls, August one in Amenta,

Hail to thee, who are above the gods and who lightenest up the Tuat with thy glories,

Hail to thee, who comest in splendour, and goest round in thine Orb,

Hail to thee, who are mightier than the gods, who are crowned in Heaven and King in the Tuat,

Hail to thee, who openest the Tuat and disposest of all its doors,

Hail to thee, supreme among the gods, and Weigher of Words in the Netherworld.

Hail to thee, who are in thy Nest, and stirrest the Tuat with thy glory,

Hail to thee, the Great, the Mighty, whose enemies are laid prostrate at their blocks;

Hail to thee, who slaughterest the Sebau and annihilatest Apepi,

[Each invocation of this Litany is followed by]

Give thou delicious breeze of the north wind to the Osiris N.

Horus openeth; the Great, the Mighty, who divideth the earths, the great one who resteth in the Mountain of the West, and lighteneth up the Tuat with his glories and the Souls in their hidden abode, by shining into their sepulchres.

By hurling harm against the foe thou hast utterly destroyed all the adversaries of the Osiris N.


The Osiris N; he saith when he adoreth Ra, the Horus of the Two Horizons, when setting in the Land of Life.

Adoration to thee, O Ra; Adoration to thee, O Tmu, at thy coming in thy beauty, in thy manifestation, in thy mastery.

Thou sailest over the Heaven, thou travelest over earth and in splendour thou reachest the zenith; the two divisions of Heaven are in obeisance to thee, and yield adoration to thee.

All the gods of Amenta are in exultation at thy glory. They whose abodes are hidden adore thee, and the Great Ones make offerings to thee, who for thee have created the soil of earth.

They who are on the Horizon convey thee, and they who are in the Evening Bark transport thee, and they say—Adoration at the approach of thy Majesty, Come, Come, approach in peace, Oh to thee, Welcome, Lord of Heaven, King of Akerta.

Thy mother Isis embraceth thee, seeing in thee her son, as the Lord of Terror, the All-Powerful, as he setteth in the Land of Life at night.

Thy father, Tatunen, carrieth thee, and his arms are stretched out behind thee, and that which hath taken place is made fast upon earth.

Wake up from thy rest, thine abode is in Mannu.

Let me be entrusted to the fidelity which is yielded to Osiris.

Come O Ra, Tmu, be thou adored. Do thy will daily. Grant success in presence of the cycle of the mighty gods.

Beautiful art thou, O Ra, in thine Horizon of the West; O Lord of Law, in the midst of the Horizon.

Very terrible art thou, rich art thou in attributes, and great is thy love to those who dwell in the Tuat.

To be said, when Ra sets in the Land of Life; with hands bent downward.


Adoration to Trnu as he setteth in the Land of Life.

The Osiris N; he saith:—

Adoration to Tmu as he setteth in the Land of Life.

The Osiris N; he saith, adoring Tmu, when setting in the Land of Life and shedding his rays on the Tuat;

Hail to thee setting in the Land of Life, O Father of the gods, thou art united to thy mother in Manu. Her two hands receive thee daily. Thy Majesty hath part in the house of Sokaru. Exult thou because the doors are opened of the Horizon, at thy setting in the Mountain of the West.

Thy rays, they run over the earth to enlighten the dwellers in Amenta. Those who are in the Tuat worship thee with loud acclaim, and cherish hope when they see thee daily.

Thou grantest to the gods to sit upon the earth; to those, namely, who follow thee and come in thy train.

O August Soul, who begettest the gods, and dost invest them with thine attributes; the Unknowable, the Ancient One, the Mighty in thy mystery.

Be thy fair face propitious to the Osiris N, oh Chepera, Father of the gods.

Freedom forever from perdition is derived through this Book, and upon it I take my firm stand.

He hath written it who spake it, and his heart resteth on the reward.

Let there be given me armfuls of bread and drink, and let me be accompanied by this Book after my life.


Chapter whereby one cometh forth by day out of the Netherworld. Let the words be said:

I am he who closeth and he who openeth, and I am but One.

I am Ra at his first appearance.

I am the great god, self-reproduced;

His Names together compose the cycle of the gods;

Resistless is he among the gods.

I who am Osiris, am Yesterday and the Kinsman of the Morrow.

A scene of strife arose among the gods when I gave the command.

Amenta is the scene of strife among the gods.

I know the name of the great god who is here.

Herald of Ra is his name.

I am the great Heron who is in Heliopolis, who presideth over the account of whatsoever is and of that which cometh into being.

Who is that? It is Osiris who presideth over the account of all that is and all that cometh into being, that is Endless Time and Eternity. Endless Time is Day and Eternity is Night.

I am Amsu in his manifestations; there have been given to me the Two Feathers upon my head.

Who is that, and what are his Feathers? It is Horus, the avenger of his father, and the Two Feathers are the Uraei upon the forehead of his father Tmu.

I have alighted upon my Land, and I come from my own Place.

What is that? It is the Horizon of my father Tmu.

All defects are done away, all deficiencies are removed, and all that was wrong in me is cast forth.

I am purified at the two great and mighty Lakes at Sutenhunen, which purify the offerings which living men present to the great god who is there.

Who is that? It is Ra himself.

Which are the two great and mighty Lakes? The Lake of Natron and the Lake of Maat.

I advance over the roads, which I know, and my face is on the Land of Maat.

What is that? The road upon which father Tmu advanceth, when he goeth to the Field of Aarru, approaching to the land of Spirits inHeaven.

Illustrating Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Outline Carving.
Photogravure from a Carbon Photograph.

I come forth through the Teser gate.

What is that? This gate of the gods is Haukar. It is the gate and the two doors and openings, through which father Tmu issueth to the Eastern Horizon of Heaven.

O ye who have gone before! Let me grasp your hands, me who become one of you.

Who are they? Those who have gone before are Hu and Sau. May I be with their father Tmu, throughout the course of each day.

I make full the Eye when it waxeth dim on the day of battle between the two Opponents.

What is that? The battle of the two Opponents is the day upon which Horus fighteth with Sut, when he flingeth his filth upon the face of Horus, and when Horus siezeth upon the genitals of Sut, for it is Horus who doeth this with his own fingers.

I lift up the hairy net from the Eye at the period of its distress.

What is that? The right Eye of Ra is the period of its distress when he giveth it free course, and it is Thoth who lifteth up the net from it.

I see Ra, when he is born from Yesterday, at the dugs of the Mehurit cows? His course is my course, and conversely mine is his.

What is that? Ra and his births from Yesterday at the dugs of the Mehurit cows? It is the figure of the Eye of Ra, at his daily birth. And Mehurit is the Eye.

I am one of those who are in the train of Horus.

What is that—’one of those in the train of Horus?’ Said with reference to whom his Lord loveth.

Hail, ye possessors of Maat, divine Powers attached to Osiris, who deal destruction to falsehood, ye who are in the train of Hotepeschaus, grant me that I may come to you. Do ye away the wrong which is [in] me, as ye have done to the Seven Glorious ones, who follow after the Coffined one, and whose places Anubis hath fixed on that day of ’Come thou hither.’

Hotepeschaus is the divine Flame which is assigned to Osiris for burning the souls of his adversaries. I know the names of the Seven Glorious ones who follow the Coffined one and whose places Anubis hath fixed on the day of ’Come thou hither.’ . .The leader of this divine company.

’An-ar-ef, the Great’ is his name; 2, Kat-kat; 3, the Burning Bull, who liveth in his fire; 4, the Red-eyed one in the House of Gauze; 5,Fiery face which turneth backwards; 6, Dark Face in its hour; 7, Seer in the Night.

I am he whose Soul resideth in a pair of gods.

It is Osiris, as he cometh to Tattu, and there findeth the soul of Ra; each embraceth the other, and becometh Two Souls.

The pair of gods are Horus, the Avenger of his Father, and Horus the Prince of the City of Blindness.

I am the great Cat, who frequenteth the Persea tree in Heliopolis, on that night of battle wherein is affected the defeat of the Sebau, and that day upon which the adversaries of the Inviolate god are exterminated.

Who is that great Cat? It is Ra himself. For Sau said, He is the likeness of (Maau) of that which he hath created, and his name became that of Cat (Maau).

The night of conflict is the defeat of the children of Failure at Elephantine. There was conflict in the entire universe, in heaven and upon the earth.

He who frequenteth the Persea tree is he who regulateth the children of Failure, and that which they do.

O Ra, in thine Egg, who risest up in thine orb, and shinest from thine Horizon, and swimmest over the firmament without a peer, and sailest over the sky; whose mouth sendeth forth breezes of flame, lightening up the Two Earths with thy glories, do thou deliver N from that god whose attributes are hidden, whose eyebrows are as the arms of the Balance upon that day when outrage is brought to account, and each wrong is tied up to its separate block of settlement.

Deliver me from those Wardens of the Passages with hurtful fingers, attendant upon Osiris.

May your knives not get hold of me; may I not fall into your shambles, for I know your names; my course upon earth is with Ra and my fair goal is with Osiris. Let not your offerings be in my disfavour, oh ye gods upon your altars! I am one of those who follow the Master, a keeper of the writ of Chepera.

I fly like a Hawk, I cackle like a Smen-Goose, I move enternally like Nehebkau.

Oh Tmu who art in the Great Dwelling, Sovereign of all the gods, deliver me from that god who liveth upon the damned; whose face is that of a hound, but whose skin is that of a man; at that angle of the pool of fire; devouring shades, digesting human hearts and voiding ordure. One seeth him not.

This god whose face is that of a hound and whose skin is that of a man: Eternal Devourer is his name.

Oh fearful one, who art over the Two Earths, Red god who order-est the block of execution; to whom is given the Double Crown and Enjoyment as Prince of Sutenhunen.

It is Osiris to whom was ordained the Leadership among the gods, upon that day when the Two Earths were united before the Inviolate god.

The junction of the Two Earths is the head of the Coffin of Osiris [whose father is Ra] the beneficent Soul in Sutenhunen; the giver of food and the destroyer of wrong, who hath determined the paths of eternity.

It is Ra himself.

Deliver me from that god who seizeth upon souls, who consumeth all filth and corruption in the darkness or in the light: all those who fear him are in powerless condition.

This god is Sut.

Oh Chepera, who are in the midst of thy bark and whose body is the cycle of the gods forever; deliver me from those inquisitorial Wardens to whom the Inviolate god, of Glorious Attributes, hath given guard over his adversaries, and the infliction of slaughter in the place of annihilation, from whose guard there is no escape. May I not fall under your knives, may I not sit within your dungeons, may I not come to your places of extermination, may I not fall into your pits; may there be done to me none of those things which the gods abominate; for I have passed through the place of purification in the middle of the Meskat, for which are given the Mesit and the Tehenit cakes in Tanenit.

The Meskat is the place of scourging in Sutenhunen, the Tehenit is the Eye of Horus . . . Tanenit is the resting place of Osiris.

Tmu buildeth thy dwelling, the Lion-faced god layeth the foundation of thy house, as he goeth his round. Horus offereth purification and Sut giveth might, and conversely.

I have come upon this earth and with my two feet taken possession. I am Tmu and I come from my own Place.

Back, oh Lion with dazzling mouth, and with head bent forwards, retreating before me and my might.

I am Isis and thou findest me as I drop upon my face the hair which falleth loosely on my brow.

I was conceived by Isis and begotten by Nephthys. Isis destroyethwhat in me is wrong, and Nephthys loppeth off that which is rebellious.

Dread cometh in my train and Might is in my hands. Numberless are the hands who cling fast to me. The dead ones and the living come to me. I defeat the clients of mine adversaries, and spoil those whose hands are darkened.

I have made an agreeable alliance. I have created the inhabitants of Cher-abat and those of Heliopolis. And every god is in fear before the Terrible, the Almighty one.

I avenge every god against his oppressor, at whom I shoot my arrows when he appeareth.

I live according to my will.

I am Uatit, the Fiery one.

And woe to them who mount up against me!

What is this? "Of unknown attributes, which Hemen hath given" is the name of the Funeral Chest. "The Witness of that which is lifted" is the name of the Shrine.

The Lion with dazzling mouth and with head bent forwards is the Phallus of Osiris [otherwise of Ra].

And I who drop the hair with hath loosely fallen upon my brow—I am Isis, when she concealeth herself, she hath let fall her hair over herself.

Uat’it the Fiery is the Eye of Ra.

They who mount up against me, woe to them, they are the associates of Sut as they approach.

The An-maut [one priest] saith:

I come to you, ye Great Circles of gods in Heaven, upon Earth and in the World below! I bring to you N void of offense toward any of the gods, grant that he may be with you daily.

Glory to Osiris, Lord of Restau, and to the great gods who are in the World below. Here is N who saith: Hail to thee, Prince of Amenta, Unneferu who presidest in Abydos, I come to thee with Righteousness; without sin upon me. I am not knowingly a speaker of wrong; I am not given to duplicity; grant me Bread, the right of appearance at the tables Lords of Maat, entering in and going out of the Netherworld, and that my soul may not suffer repulse in its devotion to the orb of the Sun and the vision of the Moon-god forever.

The Se-meri-f [the second priest] saith:

I come to you, O Circle of gods in Restau, and I bring to you N.Grant to him Bread, Water, Air and an allotment in the Sechit-hotepu like Horus.

Glory to Osiris, the Lord of Eternity and to the Circle of gods in Restau. Here is N and he saith: I come to thee, I know thy will, and I am furnished with thine attributes of the Tuat. Grant me an abiding place in the Netherworld by the Lords of Maat, my permanent allotment in the Sechit-hotepu, and the receiving of cakes before thee.


I. Oh Thoth, who makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, even as thou makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, before the Circle of gods about Ra and about Osiris and the Great Circle of gods in Heliopolis, on that Night of the Eve’s Provender and the Night of Battle when there befell the Defeat of the Sebau, and the Day of the extinction of the adversaries of the Inviolate god.

The Great Circle of gods in Heliopolis is of Tmu, Shu and Tefnut, and the Sebau who were defeated and extinguished were the associates of Sut on the renewal of his assault.

2. Oh Thoth who maketh Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, even as thou makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries before the Great Circle of gods in Tattu, on the Night wherein the Tat is set up in Tattu.

The Great Circle of gods in Tattu is of Osiris, Isis, Nephthys and Horus the Avenger of his Father; and they who set up the Tat are the two arms of Horus, Prince of Sechem. They are behind Osiris as bindings of his raiment.

3. Oh Thoth who makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, even as thou makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, before the Great Circle of gods in Sechem on that Night of the Eve’s Provender in Sechem.

The Great Circle of gods in Sechem is of Horus in the Dark, and Thoth, who is of the Great Circle of An-arer-ef.

The Eve’s Provender is the dawn upon the Coffin of Osiris.

4. Oh Thoth, who makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, even as thou makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, before the Great Circle of gods in Pu and Tepu, on that Night of erecting the pillars of Horus, and of establishing him as heir of his Father’s property.

The Great Circle of gods in Pu and Tepu is of Horus, Isis, Emsta, Hapi; and the pillars of Horus are erected when Horus saith to thosewho follow him, "let the pillars be erected there."

5. Oh Thoth who makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, before the Great Circle of gods of the Two Shores of Rechit, on that Night when Isis lay watching in tears over her brother Osiris.

The Great Circle of gods on the Two Shores of Rechit is of Isis, Nephthys, Emsta and Hapi.

6. Oh Thoth, who makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, even as thou makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, before the Great Circle of gods in Abydos on the night of Hakra, when the evil dead are parted off, when the glorious ones are rightly judged, and joy goeth its round in Thinis.

The Great Circle of gods in Abydos is of Osiris, Isis, and Apuat.

7. Oh Thoth, who makest Osiris triumphant over his. adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, even as thou makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, before the Great Circle of gods on the Highway of the Damned, upon the Night when judgment is passed upon them who are no more.

The Great Circle of gods on the Highway of the Damned are Thoth, Osiris, Anubis, and Astes. And judgment is passed on the Highway of the Damned, when the suit is closed against the souls of the Children of Failure.

8. Oh Thoth, who makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, even as thou makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, before the Great Circle of gods at the Great Hoeing in Tattu, on the Night of Hoeing in their blood and effecting the triumph of Osiris over his adversaries.

The Great Circle of gods at the Great Hoeing in Tattu, when the associates of Sut arrive and take the forms of goats, slay them before the gods there, while their blood runneth down; and this is done according to the judgment of the gods who are in Tattu.

9. Oh Thoth, who maketh Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, even as thou makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, before the Great Circle of gods in An-arer-ef on the Night of Hiding him who is Supreme in Atributes.

The Great Circle of gods in An-arer-ef is of Shu, Babai, Ra, and Osiris, and the Night of Hiding him who is Supreme in Attributes is when there are at the Coffin, the Thigh, the Head, the Heel, and the Leg of Unneferu.

10. Oh Thoth, who makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, let N be made triumphant over his adversaries, even as thou makest Osiris triumphant over his adversaries, before the Great Circle of gods in Restau on the Night when Anubis lieth with his hands upon the objects behind Osiris, when Osiris is made to triumph over his adversaries.

The Great Circle of gods in Restau is of Osiris, Horus and Isis. The heart of Horus rejoiceth, the heart of Osiris is glad and the two Parts [North and South] of Heaven are satisfied when Thoth effecteth the triumph of N before these ten Great Circles about Ra and about Osiris and the Circles of gods attached to every god and every goddess before the Inviolate god. All his adversaries are destroyed and all that was wrong in him is also destroyed.

Let the person say this chapter, he will be purified and come forth by day, after his death, and take all forms for the satisfaction of his will, and if this chapter be recited over him, he will be prosperous upon earth, he will come forth safe from every fire, and no evil thing will approach him: with undeviating regularity for times infinite.


Another chapter whereby the Mouth of a person is given to him in the Netherworld.

I shine forth out of the Egg which is in the unseen world. Let there be given my mouth that I may speak with it in presence of the great god, Lord of the Tuat. Let not my hand be repulsed by the Divine Circle of the great god.

I am Osiris, the Lord of Restau, the same who is at the head of the Staircase.

I am come to do the will of my heart, out of the abode of Flame, which I extinguish when I come forth.


Chapter whereby the Words of Power are brought to a Person in the Netherworld.

I am Chepera, the self-produced, on his Mother’s thigh.

The speed of bloodhounds is given to those who are in Heaven, and the mettle of hyaenas to those who belong to the Divine Circle.

Lo, I bring this Word of Power, and I collect this Word of Power from every quarter in which it is, more persistently than hounds of chase and more swiftly than the Light.

O thou who guidest the Bark of Ra, sound is thy rigging and free from disaster as thou passest on to the Abode of Flame.

Lo, I collect this my Word of Power from every quarter in which it is, in behalf of every person whom it concerneth, more persistently than hounds of chase and more swiftly than Light; the same who create the gods out of Silence, or reduce them to inactivity; the same who impart warmth to the gods.

Lo, I collect this my Word of Power from every quarter in which it is, in behalf of every person whom it concerneth, more persistently than hounds of chase and more swiftly than the Light.


Chapter whereby a person remembereth his name in the Netherworld.

Let my name be given to me in the Great House. Let me remember my name in the House of Flame on the Night wherein the Years are counted and the Months are reckoned, one by one.

I am he who dwelleth in Heaven, and who sitteth on the Eastern side of Heaven: and if there be any god who cometh not in my train, I utter his name at once.

Chapter whereby the Heart is given to a person in the Netherworld.

He saith Heart mine to me, in the place of Hearts! Whole Heart mine to me, in the place of Whole Hearts!

Let me have my heart that it may rest within me; but I shall feed upon the food of Osiris, on the eastern side of the mead of amaranthine flowers.

Be mine a bark for descending the stream and another for ascending.

I go down into the bark wherein thou art.

Be there given to me my mouth wherewith to speak, and my feet for walking; and let me have my arms wherewith to overthrow my adversaries.

Let two hands from the Earth open my mouth: Let Seb, the Erpa of the gods, part my two jaws, let him open my two eyes which are closed, and give motion to my two hands which are powerless: and let Anubis give vigour to my legs that I may raise myself up upon them.

And may Sechit the divine one lift me up, so that I may arise in Heaven and issue my behest in Memphis.

I am in possession of my Heart, I am in possession of my Whole Heart, I am in possession of my arms and I have possession of my legs.

[I do whatsoever my Genius willeth, and my Soul is not bound to my body at the gates of Amenta.]


Chapter whereby the Heart of a person may not be taken from him in the Netherworld.

Back, thou messenger of thy god! Art thou come to carry off by violence this Whole Heart of mine, of the Living. But I shall not surrender to thee this Heart of the Living. The gods have regards to my offerings and fall upon their faces, all together, upon their own earth.


Another Chapter of the Heart; upon Carnelian.

I am the Heron, the Soul of Ra, who conduct the Glorious ones to the Tuat.

It is granted to their Souls to come forth upon the Earth to do whatsoever their Genius willeth.

It is granted to the soul of Osiris N to come forth upon the Earth to do whatsoever his Genius willeth.

Heart mine which is that of my Mother.

Whole Heart mine which is that of my birth.

Let there be no estoppel against me through evidence, let no hindrance be made to me by the divine Circle; fall thou not against me in presence of him who is at the Balance.

Thou art my Genius, who are by me, the Artist who givest soundness to my limbs.

Come forth to the bliss towards which we are bound.

Let not those Ministrants who deal with a man according to the course of his life give a bad odour to my name.

Pleasant for us, pleasant for the listener, is the joy of the Weighing of the Words.

Let not lies be uttered in the presence of the great god, Lord of the Anenta.

Lo! how great art thou [as the Triumphant one.]


Chapter whereby the Crocodiles are repulsed who come to carryoff the Words of Power from a person in the Netherworld.

Back, in retreat! Back, Crocodile Sui! Come not against me, who live by the Words of Power.

I utter that Name of the great god, who granteth that two of his Messengers should come; the name of one is Batta, and the name of the other is Thine Aspect is Fixed Law.

Heaven determineth its hour; my Word of Power determineth all that which concerneth it; and my mouth determineth my Word of Power. I eat, and my, teeth are like flint, and my grinders are like the Cliff of Tuf.

O thou who art sitting with a watchful eye against this my Word of Power; do not thou carry it off, O Crocodile who livest by thine own Word of Power.


Chapter whereby all Serpents are kept back.

O serpent Rerek, advance not! Here are the gods Seb and Shu.

Stop! or thou shalt eat the rat which Ra execrateth, and gnaw the bones of a putrid she-cat.


Chapter whereby one avoideth the Slaughter which is carried out in the Netherworld.

O Tmu, let me be glorified in presence of the god in Lion form, the great god; that he may open to me the gate of Seb.

I prostrate myself to earth to the great god who is in the Netherworld. Let me be introduced into the presence of the company of gods who preside over those who are in Amenta.

O thou who are at the gate of Tebat; god with the Red Crown, who art in Amenta; let me feed, let me live by the breath of air and accompany the great Cleaver, and the Bark of Chepera.

Let me speak to the divine Boatman at the gloaming, let me enter in and let me go out; that I may see who is there; that I may raise him up and speak my words to him.

O Breathless one: Let me live and be saved after death.

O thou Bearer of peace offerings, who openest thy mouth for the presentation of the tablets, for the acceptation of the offerings and for the establishment of Maat upon her throne; let the tablets be brought forward, and let the goddess be firmly established.


I am Osiris, the great god, the eternal king, who numbereth hisseasons and who lifteth up his right arm, who judgeth the great ones and giveth mission to the gods of the great Circle which is in the Netherworld.


Chapter whereby one hindereth the slaughter which is wrought at Sutenhenen.

Land of the Rod, of the White Crown of the Image, and the Pedestal of the gods.

I am the Babe. [Said Four Times.]

O Serpent Abur! Thou sayest this day, "The Block of Execution is furnished with what thou knowest,"and thou art come to soil the Mighty One.

But I am he whose honours are abiding.

I am the Link, the god within the Tamarisk, who connecteth the Solar orb with Yesterday. [Four Times.]

I am Ra, whose honours are abiding.

I am Link, the god within the Tamarisk.

My course is the course of Ra, and the course of Ra is my course.

My hair is that of Nu,

My two eyes are those of Hathor,

My two ears are those of Apuat,

My nose that of Chenti-chas,

My two lips those of Anubis,

My teeth those of Selkit,

My neck that of Isis, the Mighty,

My two hands those of the Soul most Mighty, Lord of Tattu,

My shoulders those of Neith, Mistress of Sais,

My phallus that of Osiris,

My liver is that of the Lords of Cher-abat,

My knees those of the most Mighty one,

My belly and my back are those of Sechit,

My hinder parts are those of the Eye of Horus,

My legs and thighs those of Nut,

My feet those of Ptah,

My nails and bones those of the Living Uraei.

There is not a limb in me which is without a god. And Thoth is a protection to my flesh.

I shall not be grasped by my arms or seized by my hands.

Not men or gods, or the glorified ones or the damned; notgenerations past, present, or future, shall inflict any injury upon me.

I am he who cometh forth and proceedeth, and whose name is unknown to man.

I am Yesterday, "Witness of Eternity" is my Name: the persistent traveler upon the heavenly highways which I survey. I am the Everlasting one.

I am felt and thought of as Chepera. I am the Crowned one.

I am the Dweller in the Eye and in the Egg.

It is an attribute of mine that I live within them.

I am the Dweller in the Eye, even in its closing.

I am that by which it is supported.

I come forth and I rise up: I enter and I have life.

I am the Dweller in the Eye; my seat is upon my throne, and I sit conspicuously upon it.

I am Horus, who steppeth onwards through Eternity.

I have instituted the throne of which I am the master.

As regards my mouth: whether in speech or in silence, I am right and fair.

As regards my attributes: I hasten headlong, I the god Unen, with all that pertaineth to me, hour proceeding from hour, the One proceeding from the One, in my course.

I am the Dweller in the Eye; no evil or calamitous things befall me.

It is I who open the gates of Heaven; It is I who am master of the throne, and who open the series of births upon this day.

I am the Babe, who treadeth his path of Yesterday.

I am "This Day" to generation of men after generation.

I am he who giveth you stableness for eternity, whether ye be in heaven or upon earth; in the South or in the North, in the West or in the East—and the fear of me is upon you.

I am he who fashioneth with his eye, and who dieth not a second time.

A moment of mine belongeth to you, but my attributes belong to my own domain.

I am the Unknown one, but the gods of Ruddy Countenance belong to me.

I am the Gladsome one, and no time hath been found, but served to create for me the Heaven and the increase of Earth, and the increase of their offspring.

They sever and join not—they sever my name from all evil things,according to the words which I say unto you.

It is I who rise up and shine forth; strength proceeding from strength, the One proceeding from the One.

There is not a day devoid of that which belongeth to it; for ever and for ever.

I am Unbu, who proceedeth from Nu, and my mother is Nut.

O thou who hast set me in motion! for I was motionless, a mighty link within the close of Yesterday; my present activity is a link within the close of my hand.

I am not known, but I am one who knoweth thee.

I am Horus, Prince of Eternity, a fire before your faces, which inflameth your hearts towards me.

I am not to be grasped, but I am one who graspeth thee.

[O Dweller in the Egg! O Dweller in the Egg!]

I am Horus, Prince of Eternity, a fire before your faces, which inflameth your hearts towards me.

I am master of my throne and I pass onwards. The present time is the path which I have opened, and I have set myself free from all things evil.

I am the golden Cynocephalus, three palms in height, without legs or arms in the Temple of Ptah; and my course is the course of the golden Cynocphalus, three palms in height, without legs or arms in the Temple of Ptah.

Let these words be said—Ababakter-ek.


Chapter whereby he that is living is not destroyed in the Nether-world.

Oh ye recent offspring of Shu, who dawn after dawn is possessor of his diadem at Sunrise; ye future generations of men, my springing forth is the springing forth of Osiris.


Chapter whereby one eateth not dirt in the Netherworld.

I execrate, I execrate, I do not eat it.

That which I execrate is dirt. I eat it not, that I may appease my Genius.

Let it not fall upon me; let me not approach it with my hands; let me not tread upon it with my sandals.

Henceforth let me live upon corn in your presence, ye gods, andlet there come one who bringeth to me that I may feed from those seven loaves which he hath brought for Horus and upon the loaves for Thoth.

"What willst thou eat?" say the gods to him.

Let me eat under the Sycamore of Hathor the Sovereign, and let my turn be given to me among those who rest there.

And let me manage the fields in Tattu and prosper in Heliopolis. And let me feed upon the bread of the white corn and upon the beer of the red barley.

And let the forms of my father and of my mother be granted to me; the gate-keepers of the stream.

Let room be thrown open for me, let the path be made, and let me sit in any place that I desire.


Chapter for breathing air and command of water in the Netherworld.

Let the Great One be opened to Osiris; let the two folding doors of Kabhu be thrown wide to Ra.

O thou great Coverer of Heaven, in thy name of Stretcher [of Heaven], grant that I may have the command of water, even as Sut hath command of force on the night of the Great Disaster: grant that I may prevail over those who preside at the Inundation, even as that venerable god prevaileth over them, whose name they know not. May I prevail over them.

My nostril is opened in Tattu, and I go to rest in Heliopolis, my dwelling, which the goddess Seshait built, and which Chnum raised on its foundation.

If the Sky is at the North I sit at the South; if the Sky is at the South I sit at the North; if the Sky is at the West I sit at the East; and if the Sky is at the East I sit at the West.

And drawing up my eyebrows I pierce through into every place that I desire.


Chapter whereby one cometh forth by day from the Netherworld.

I am Yesterday, To-day, and To-morrow, for I am born again and again; mine is the unseen Force, which createth the gods and giveth food to those in the Tuat at the West of Heaven; I am the EasternRudder, the Lord of Two Faces, who seeth by his own light; the Lord of Resurrections, who cometh forth from the dusk and whose birth is from the House, of Death.

Ye two divine Hawks upon your gables, who are giving attentive heed to the matter; ye who accompany the bier to the tomb, and who conduct the ship of Ra, advancing onwards from the highest place of the Ark in heaven—the Lord of the Shrine which standeth in the center of the Earth;

He is I, and I am He.

Mine is the radiance in which Ptah floateth over his firmament.

Oh Ra, who smileth cheerfully, and whose heart is delighted with the perfect order of this day as thou enterest into Heaven and comest forth in the East: the Ancients and those who are gone before acclaim thee.

Let thy path be made pleasant for me; let thy ways be made wide for me to traverse the earth and the expanse of Heaven.

Shine thou upon me, oh gracious Power; as I draw night to the divine words which my ears shall hear in the Tuat; let no pollution of my mother be upon me; deliver me, protect me from him who closeth his eyes at twilight and bringeth to an end in darkness.

I am the Overflower, and Kam-ura is my name: I bring to its fulness the Force which is hidden within me.

Oh thou Great One, who art Shoreless, and callest upon the Powers of the South, at the moment when the god is carried forth, saying:

"Behold the Lord of his Flood; see, the Shoulder is fastened upon his neck and the Haunch upon the head of the West" offerings which the two goddesses of the West present to me when the weeping bursteth forth from me at what I witness, as I am borne round on the Tenait in Abydos, and the bolts made fast on the gateways above your images are in the reach of thine hand and from within thee.

Thy face is that of a hound whose nostril sniffeth at the covert to which my feet convey me.

Anubis is my bearer, for he who lulleth me to rest is the god in Lion form.

Do thou save me!

I am He who cometh forth as one who breaketh through the door; and everlasting is the Daylight which his will hath created.

"I know the deep waters" is my name.

I satisfy the desires of the Glorified, who are by millions andhundreds of thousands [Text corrupt.] I am the guardian of their interests, actively working at the hours of the day adjusting the arms of Sahu; twelve in the circling round, uniting hands, each of them with another. But the Sixth of them in the Tuat is the ’Hour of the overthrow of the Sebau,’ which cometh here in triumph; the same which maketh way into the Tuat; the same which is yoked with Shu.

I shine forth as the Lord of Life and the glorious order of this day: the blood which purifieth and the vigorous sword-strokes by which the Earth is made one.

I severe the horns from those who unite in resistance to me; the hidden ones who rise up in opposition against me; those who go upon their bellies.

I am come as the ambassador of the Lord of lords to avenge the cause of Osiris in this place. Let (not) the eye consume its tears.

I am the Guide of the house of Him who dwelleth in his treasures.

I am come from Sechem to Heliopolis to inform the Bennu of the matters of the Tuat.

Oh goddess Aucherit, who concealest that which is within thee, but raisest up forms, like Chepera, grant that I may come forth and see the orb of the sun, and walk forth in the presence of the great god, who is Shu and abideth for eternity.

I travel on high, I tread upon the firmament, I raise a flame with the daylight which mine eyes hath made, and I fly forward towards the splendours of the Glorified in presence of Ra daily, giving life to every man who treadeth on the lands which are upon the earth.

Oh thou who leapest forth, conductor of the Shades and Glorified ones from the Earth, let the fair path to the Tuat be granted to me, which is made in behalf of those who are in faint condition and for the restoration of those who are in pain.

Who art thou, who devourest in Amenta?

I am He who presideth in Restau. "He who entereth in his own name, and cometh forth in quest; the Lord of the Eternity of the Earth" is my name.

She who hath conceived hath set down her burden; which turneth round before descending; the door is shut at the wall which is reversed. [Text corrupt.]

His Eye hath been given to Horus and his face brighteneth at the dawning of the day.

I am not exhausted: I become the Lion god and the palm flowers of Shu are upon me.

I am not one who drowneth.

Blessed are they who see the Bourne: beautiful is the god of the motionless heart who causeth the stay of the Overflowing.

Behold! there cometh forth the Lord of Life, Osiris thy support who abideth day after day.

I embrace the Sycomore, I am united to the Sycomore.

I part the two dieties of morning that I may come to hold the Eye, and cause it to rest in its place.

I am come to see Ra at his setting, and I unite with the breeze at his coming forth: my two hands are pure for adoring him.

May I be restored! May I be restored!

I fly up to heaven and I alight upon the earth; and mine eye turneth back there towards the traces of my footsteps.

I am the offspring of Yesterday; the tunnels of the earth have given me birth, and I am revealed at my appointed time.

May I be under shelter from the warlike handed god who cometh behind me, may my flesh be sound and my glories be a protection to the limbs of one who waiteth for the purpose of taking counsel. May the Cycle of the gods listen to what I say.

To be said on coming forth by day; that one may not be kept back on the path of the Tuat, whether on entering or on coming forth; for taking all the forms which one desireth; and the soul of the person die not a second time.

If then this chapter be known the person is made triumphant upon earth (and in the Netherworld) and he performeth all things which are done by the living.

This chapter was discovered on a plinth of the god of the Henu Bark by a master builder of the wall in the time of king Septa, the Victorious.

This composition is a secret; not to be seen or looked at.

Recite the chapter when sanctified and pure; not approaching women, not eating goat’s flesh or fish.


Chapter whereby one cometh forth by day and passeth through the Ammehit.

Hail to you, ye Lords of Rule, devoid of Wrong, who are living for ever, and whose secular period is Eternity. I make my way towards you. Let me be glorified through my attributes; let me prevail through my Words of Power, and let me be rated according tomy merit.

Deliver me from the Crocodile of this Land of Rule.

Let me have a mouth wherewith I may speak, and let my obligations be placed before you; because I know you, and I know your names: and I know the name of that great god to whose nostrils ye present delicacies: Tekmu is his name. And whether he maketh his way from the Eastern Horizon of Heaven, or alighteth at the Western Horizon of Heaven, let his departure be my departure, and his progress be my progress.

Let me not be stopped at the Meskat; let not the Sebau have mastery over me; let me not be repulsed at your gates, let not your doors be closed against me; for I have bread in Pu and beer in Tepu. And let me join my two hands together in the divine dwelling which my father Tmu hath given me, who hath established for me an abode above the earth wherein is wheat and barley of untold quantity, which the son of my own body offereth to me there as obligations upon my festivals.

Grant me the funeral gifts, beef, fowl, bindings, incense, oil, and all things good and pure upon which a deity subsists, regularly and eternally, in all the forms I please.

Let me come down or go up to Sechit-aarru and arrive in Sechit-hotep.

I am the god in Lion form.

If this book is learnt upon earth, or executed in writing upon the coffin, he will come forth by day in all the forms he pleaseth, with entrance into his house without repulse. And there shall be given to him bread and beer and flesh-meat upon the table of Osiris. He will come forth to Sechit-aarru, and there shall be given to him wheat and barley there, for he will flourish as though he were upon earth, and he will do all that pleaseth him, like those gods who are there: undeviatingly, for times infinite.


Chapter whereby one assumeth the form of the Golden Hawk.

I raise myself up: I raise myself up as the Golden Hawk, which cometh out from its Egg; and I fly and I hover as a Hawk of four cubits across the back. My two wings are of the green gem of the South.

I come forth from the cabin of the Sektit Bark and I raise myself up from the Eastern Hill.

I stoop upon the Atit Bark, that I may come and raise to me those who are in their circles, and who bow down before me.

I raise myself and gather myself together as the beautiful Golden Hawk with the head of a Heron, to listen to whose utterances Ra cometh every day, and I sit down in the midst of all the great gods of Heaven.

The fields lie before me; the produce is before me; I eat of it, I wax radiant upon it, I am saturated with it to the satisfaction of my heart.

Nepra hath given to me my throat, and I am in possession of all that pertaineth to my person.


Chapter whereby one assumeth the form of the Chief god of the Divine Cycle.

Hail to thee, Tmu, Lord of Heaven, who givest motion to all things which come into being; thou who comest forth from the Earth and createst whatsoever is begotten: Lord of the things which are; who givest birth to the gods; great god, self-produced; Lord of Life, who givest vigour to the men now living:

Hail to you, ye Lords of pure things, ye whose abodes are hidden:

Hail to you, ye Lords of Eternity, ye whose attributes are concealed, and the place where ye reside is unknown.

Hail to you, ye gods who are in the divine circuit and the Kabhu; ye gods who are in Amenta and ye, O Divine Cycle which is in Heaven:

Let me come to you, let me be purified and strengthened, let me be enriched and gifted with power, let me have possession and glory.

I bring in offering to you perfume, incense and natron. Stop ye the outpourings of your hearts against me. I am come to put a stop to all the wrong things which are in your hearts, and to do away with the false charges which have been made to you.

But I bring in offering to you well-being. I lift up in offering to you Maat.

I know you and I know your names, and I know your attributes, though it be not known what by you may be brought to pass.

I come before you and make my appearance as that god in the form of a man who liveth like a god, and I stand out before you in the form of that god who is raised high upon his pedestal, to whom the gods come with acclamation, and the female deities with jubilation, when they see him.

I come before you and make my appearance on the seat of Ra, and I sit upon my seat which is on the Horizon, and receive the offerings upon their altars. I drink the sacred liquor each evening, in the form of the Lord of all creatures, and I am exalted like that venerable god the Lord of the Great House, whom the gods rejoice at seeing at his beautiful comings forth from the womb of Nut, to whom each day giveth birth.


Chapter whereby one assumeth the form of the Lotus.

I am the pure Lotus which cometh forth from the glory which is at the nostril of Ra, and I make my journey and pursue it for Horus, the great god beloved.

I am the pure Lotus which cometh forth in the field.


Chapter whereby one assumeth the form of a Soul, that one may not come to the dungeon. Imperishable is he who knoweth it.

I am a Soul. I am Ra who proceedeth from Nu, and my soul is divine. I am he who produceth food, but I execrate what is wrong and look not upon it.

I am possessor of Maat and subsist by means of it.

I am the Food which perisheth not; in my name of Self-originating Force, together with Nu, in the name of Chepera, from whom I am born daily.

I am the Lord of Daylight and I execrate Death, let me not enter into the dungeons of the gods of the Tuat.

It is I who give glory to Osiris and propitiate the hearts of those who are with him, my own friends.

They inspire the fear of me, and put forward my might to those within their domains.

And behold me, how I am raised upon my pedestal and upon my throne.

I am Nu. They shall not overthrow me who do wrong.

I am he whose orbits are of old; my soul is divine, it is the Eternal Force.

It is I who create the Darkness which maketh its seat at the confines of Heaven.

My Soul hath come, far advanced in age, and I create the Darkness at the confines of Heaven at my pleasure.

I reach the limits, and I advance upon my feet.

I take the lead and I traverse the steel firmament which marketh a curtain. I put a stop to the Darkness and the worms; I whose name is hidden.

I drive away aggression from before the Lord of the two hands, Who is my own Soul. The Uraeus divinities are my body. My image is Eternal, the Lord of years, the King of Everlasting.

I am exalted as Lord of the land of Rebu: ’the Youth in Town, the Lad in the Country’ is my name; and my name is imperishable.

I am the Force which createth Heaven and maketh its abode in the Netherworld.

Not to be seen is my nest; not to be broken is my Egg.

I am the Lord on High. I have made my nest on the confines of Heaven, and I descend to the earth of Seb and put a stop to evil. I see my father, the Lord of the Gloaming, and I breathe.


Chapter whereby one assumeth the form of the Swallow.

I am the Swallow; I am the Swallow.

I am the Scorpion bird, daughter of Ra.

O ye gods, whose perfume is delicious: Flame which producest from the Horizon: O thou who art in the place whence I have brought the keeper of his fold—let me have thine arm that I may make observation at the Tank of Flame, that I may advance as an envoy and come with the report of it.

Be it opened to me, in order that I may tell what I have seen.

Horus is in command of his bark. There hath been given to him the throne of his father, and Sutu that son of Nut is under the grappling hooks which he made for him.

I have ascertained what is in Sechem. I have touched with my two hands the Heart of Osiris.

And that which I went in order to ascertain I am come to tell. Come let me enter and report my mission.

And I, entering and ascertaining who cometh forth through that gate of the Inviolate one, I purify myself at that great stream where my ills are made to cease, and that which is wrong in me is pardoned and the spots which were on my body upon earth are effaced.

O keeper of the Portal, let the path be made for me, for I am as one of you. Let me come forth by day, and walk upon my legs. Let me have the feet of the Glorified.

I know the mysterious paths and the gates of Aarru from whence I come. Here am I, and I come that I may overthrow mine adversaries upon earth, though my dead body is buried.

If this chapter be known he will re-enter after coming forth by day.


Chapter whereby one assumeth the form of Se-ta.

I am Seta—full of years.

I lay myself down [in death], and I am born daily.

I am Seta at the confines of the earth. I lay myself down [in death], I restore myself and I renew myself daily.


Chapter whereby one assumeth the form of the Crocodile god (Sebak).

For I am the Crocodile god in all his terrors.

I am the Crocodile god in the form of a man. I am he who carrieth off with violence. I am the almighty Fish in Kamurit.

I am the Lord to whom one bendeth down in Sechem.


Chapter whereby the soul is united to the dead Body.

Oh thou who Bringest; Oh thou Runner, who dwellest in thy keep, thou great god, grant that my Soul may come to me from whatsoever place where it abideth.

But if there be a delay in the bringing of my soul to me, thou find the Eye of Horus standing firm against thee, like those undrowsy Watchers who lie in Annu, the land wherein are thousands of reunions.

Let my Soul be caught, and the Chu which is with it, wheresoever it abideth.

Track out among the things in heaven and upon earth that soul of mine, wherever it abideth.

But if there be a delay in my causing me to see my Soul and my Shade, thou shalt find the Eye of Horus standing firm against thee.

British Museum

Oh ye gods who draw along the Bark of the Eternal one: ye who lift up above the Tuat, and who raise up the Sky: ye who enable the Souls to enter into the mummied forms; ye whose hands grasp thecordage, hold firm with your ropes and stop the adversaries that the Bark may rejoice and the god proceed in peace.

And now grant that my Soul may come forth in your train from the Eastern Horizon of Heaven for ever and ever.


Chapter whereby Memory is restored to a person.

Oh thou who choppest off heads and cuttest throats, but restorest memory in the mouth of the dead through the Words of Power which they possess: thou seest me not with thine eyes, thou perceivest not with thy feet; thou turnest back thy face, thou seest not the executioners of Shu, who are coming behind thee to chop off thine own head and to cut thy throat. Let not my mouth be closed, through the Words of Power which I possess; even as thou hast done to the dead, through the Words of Power which they possess.

Away with the two sentences uttered by Isis when thou camest to fling remembrance at the mouth of Osiris and the heart of Sutu, his enemy, saying: . . . . . . . . . . [Text missing.]


Chapter whereby the Soul is secured from imprisonment in the Netherworld.

Oh thou who are exalted and worshipped, all powerful, almighty one, who grantest thy terrors to the gods, who displayest thyself upon thy throne of grandeur, let the way to be made for my Soul, my Chu and my Shade. Let me be thoroughly equipped.

I am a powerful Soul; let the way be made for me to the place where Ra is and Hathor.

If this Chapter be known, he taketh the form of a fully equipped Chu in the Netherworld, and does not suffer imprisonment at any door in the Amenta, either in coming in or going out.


Chapter whereby one avoideth being conveyed to the East in the Netherworld.

Oh thou Phallus of Ra, who fliest from the storm, disablement ariseth from Baba who useth against me might beyond the mighty and power beyond the powerful.

If I am conveyed away, if I am carried off to the East; if all evil and injurious things of a feast day of fiends are perpetrated upon methrough the waving of the Two Horns, then shall be devoured the Phallus of Ra and the Head of Osiris.

And should I be led to the fields wherein the gods destroy him who answereth them, then shall the horns of Chepera be twisted back, then shall blindness arise in the eyes of Tmu and destruction, through the seizure of me, and through my being carried off to the East, through there being made over me a feast day of the fiends, through all the murderous work perpetrated upon me.

Said at the Bark: Staff of Anubis, may I propitiate those four Glorified ones who follow after the Master of [all] things.

I am the Master of the champaign at their behest, and I am the Father of the inundation, when he who hath charge of the canals is athirst.

Look therefore upon me, oh ye great and mighty gods, who are foremost among the Spirits of Annu; let me be exalted in your presence. I am a well-doer towards you: Lo I come, that I may purify this Soul of mine in the most high degree; let not that impediment proceeding from your mouth be issued against me which giveth one over to ruin: let me be purified in the lake of propitiation and of equipoise: let me plunge into the divine pool beneath the two divine sycomores of Heaven and Earth.

Now let my Fold be fitted for me as one victorious against all adversaries who would not that right should be done to me.

I am the Only one; just and true upon the Earth. It is I who say it. [Text missing.]


Chapter whereby one Saileth a Ship in the Netherworld.

Oh thou who sailest the ship of Nu over the chine which is void, let me sail the ship; let me fasten my tackle in peace; in peace! Come, come; Fleet one, Fleet one! Let me come to see my father Osiris.

Oh thou who art veiled, let me enjoy happiness.

Oh thou who art clouded, but manful, and who sailest round over that chine of Apepi; thou of firm head and steadfast breast when coming forth from the fiery blows: Oh thou who art at the ship, let me sail the ship, let me fasten my tackle and come forth.

This place is empty, into which the starry ones fall down headlong upon their faces, and find not aught whereby they can raise themselves up.

Narrow is the path as the tongue of Ra.

(The Patrol who goeth round, and who piloteth the Double Earth; Seb abideth stably by means of their rudders: the divine Form which revealeth the Solar Orb: and He who presideth over the Red ones.) [Text corrupt.]

Let me be brought in as a distressed mariner, and let my Soul come to me, which is my brother, and go to that place which thou knowest.

"Let me be told my name," say,

1. The Mooring-post. "Lord of the Double-Earth in the Shrine" is thy name.

2. The Blade of the Rudder. "Leg of Apis" is thy name.

3. The Hawser. "The Side-Lock which Anubis fastens on to the swathing work" is thy name.

4. The Stern or Stem Posts. "The two columns of the Nether-world" is thy name.

5. The Hold. "Akar" is thy name.

6. The Mast. "Bearer of the Great one whilst she passeth" is thy name.

7. The Keel. "Backbone of Apuat" is thy name.

8. The Mast-head. "Throat of Emsta" is thy name.

9. The Sail. "Nut" is thy name.

10. The Leathers. "Made of the hide of Mnevis, which Sutu hath scorched," is thy name.

11. The Oars. "Fingers of the elder" is your name.

12. The Bracement. "Hand of Isis, stanching the blood of the Eye of Horus," is thy name.

13. The Ribs. "Emsta, Hapi, Taumautef, Kebehsenuf, He who taketh captive, He who taketh by force, He who seeth his Father, and He who maketh himself," are your names.

14. The Look-out. "Master of the Grounds" is thy name.

15. The Tiller. "Merit" is thy name.

16. The Rudder. "The Umpire, beaming forth from the water," is thy name.

17. The Hull. "The Leg of Hathor, which Ra wounded, on lifting her into the Sektit Boat," is thy name.

18. The Boatman. "Off," is thy name.

19. The Breeze, since thou art conveyed by me: "The Northern Breeze proceeding from Tmu to the Nose of Chent-Amenta," is thy name.

20. The Stream, since thou sailest upon me: "Their Mirror" is thy name.

21. The Swallow. "Destroyer of the large-handed at the place of purification" is thy name.

22. The Land. Since thou walkest upon me: "The Tip of Heaven, the Coming forth from the swathings in the Garden of Aarru, and the Coming forth in Exultation," is thy name.

To be said before them.

Hail to you, Fair in Form, Lord of issues, who are springing up for ever, and whose double goal is eternity: turn to me your hands, give to me food and offerings for my mouth; let me eat the Bat-bread, the Shensu-cake and the Kefen-cake: let my place be in the great hall in presence of the mighty god.

I know that mighty god to whose nostrils ye present delicacies. Tekmu is his name: and whether he, whose name is Tekmu, turneth from the East or advanceth to the West, let his course be my course.

Let me not be stopped at the Meskat; let not the Sebau have mastery over my limbs.

I have bread in Pu and beer in Tepu. Let your largesses of this day be granted to me; offerings of wheat and barley, offerings of anta and of vestments, offerings of oxen, and ducks, which are offerings for life, health and strength, and also offerings for coming forth by day, in all forms in which it pleaseth me to come forth in the Garden of Aarru.

If this chapter be known he will come forth at the Garden of Aarru; there will be given to him the Shensu-cake, the measure of drink and the persen-cake, and fields of wheat and barley of seven cubits (It is the followers of Horus who reap them), for he eateth of that wheat and barley, and he is made whole in his limbs through that wheat and barley, and his limbs spring up even as with those gods. And he cometh forth in the Garden of Aarru in all the forms in which it pleaseth him to come forth.


Chapter whereby one openeth the place where Hathor abideth.

I am a pure follower. O Ahi; O Ahi; let me become one of the followers of Hathor.


Chapter whereby one sitteth in the midst of the great gods.

Let me sit in the midst of the great gods. Let me pass through the place of the Sektit boat. It is the Bird-fly deity [Abait] that shall Convey me to see the great gods who are in the Netherworld, and I shall be triumphant in their presence.


Chapter whereby one propitiateth the Ka.

Hail to thee, my Ka, my coeval.

May I come to thee and be glorified and made manifest and en-souled, let me have strength and soundness.

Let me bring to thee grains of incense wherewith I may purify myself and may also purify thine own overflow.

The wrong assertions that I have uttered, and the wrong resistance which I have offered: let them not be imputed to me.

For I am the green gem, fresh at the throat of Ra, given by those who are at the Horizon: their freshness is my freshness [said twice], the freshness of my Ka is like theirs, and the dainties of my Ka are like theirs.

Thou who liftest the hand at the Balance, and raisest Law to the nose of Ra in this day [of my Ka]: do not thou put my head away from me. For I am the Eye which seeth and the Ear which heareth; and am I not the Bull of the sacrificial herd, are not the mortuary gifts upon me and the supernal powers [otherwise said: the powers above Nut].

Grant that I may pass by thee, and may purify myself and cause the triumph of Osiris over his adversaries.


Chapter whereby one knoweth the Powers of the West.

In respect of the Hill of Bachau upon which heaven resteth, it presenteth itself three hundred cubits in length and two hundred cubits in breadth.

Sebak, the Lord of Bachau, is at the east of the Hill, and his temple is upon it.

There is a serpent on the brow of that hill, five hundred cubits in length, three cubits of his forepart are pierced with swords.

I know the name of this serpent on his hill: "He who dwelleth in his own flame" is his name.

Now at the close of day he turneth down his eyes to Ra; for there cometh a standing still in the Bark and a deep slumber within theship. And now he swalloweth three Cubits of the Great Water.

Then Sutu is made to flee with a chain upon him of steel and he is forced to vomit all that he hath swallowed. Then Sutu is put into prison.

And then he saith with Words of Power:

Away with thee! Steel, which art made fast upon my hand. I remain in thy prison, the Bark sails on and thou seest the path; but thine eyes close [thine eye is delivered to me], thy head is veiled, and I go on and stay thy steps.

I am the Manful one, who veileth thy head and who cooleth the hollow of thy hand: thy strength is my strength.

I am the Master of the Words of Power.

Who is this who hath been delivered to me?

This Bright One, who cometh on his belly, on his hind parts and on the joints of his back.

Lo! then, I come, and thy might is in my hand. It is I who carry away thy might, that I may come and seize upon the Tunnels of Ra who is united to me at sunset as he goeth round heaven.

But thou art pierced with hooks, as was decreed against thee of old.

I know the powers of the West, they are Tmu, Sebak the Lord of Bachau, and Hathor, Mistress of Sunset.


Chapter whereby one knoweth the Powers of the East.

I know the Eastern Gate of Heaven (the South of it is by the lake of Cha-ru, and the North of it by the stream of Reu), from whence Ra saileth with favouring gales.

I am the Teller in the divine ship: I am the unresting navigator in the Bark of Ra.

I know those two Sycomores of Emerald between which Ra cometh forth, as he advanceth over what Shu hath lifted up [the Sky], to every gate through which he proceedeth.

I know the Garden of Aarru: the wall of it is steel. The wheat of it is of 7 cubits, the ears of it of 2 cubits, the stall of it of 4 cubits. The barley of it is of 7 cubits, and the ears are of 4 cubits, and the stalk of 3 cubits.

It is the glorified ones, each of whom is 9 cubits in height, who reap them, in presence of the Powers of the East.

I know the Powers of the East: Horus of the Solar mount, theCalf in presence of the God, and the Star of Dawn.

A divine Domain hath been constructed for me; I know the name of it; the name of it is the garden of Aarru.


Chapter whereby one cometh forth into Heaven, and openeth the Ammehit; and whereby the Powers of Heliopolis are known.

I have grown from yesterday, a Great one among the Great. I have raised myself above all things that come into being.

The Face is revealed to the Eye of the Only One, and the round of darkness is broken through. I am one of you.

I know the Powers of Heliopolis. Doth not the All-powerful One issue from it like one who extendeth a hand to us?

It is with reference to me that the gods say: Lo, the afflicted one is heir of Heliopolis!

I know on what occasion the Lock of the Male child was made. Ra was speaking with Amhauf, and a blindness came upon him.

Ra said to Amhauf: Take the spear, oh offspring of Men. And Amhauf said: The spear is taken.

Two brethren came into being: They were Heb-ra and Soremanes, whose arm resteth not; and he assumed the form of a female with a lock, which became the Lock in Heliopolis.

I know the Powers of Hellopolis; they are Ra, Shu and Tefnut.


The Beginning of the Chapters of the Garden of Hotepit, and of the Chapters of coming forth by day; and of entering and coming forth in the Netherworld, and of arriving at the Garden of Aarru, at the Rise in Hotepit and at the Grand Domain, blest with the breezes: that I may take possession there and be in Glory there: that there I may plow and mow: that there I may eat and drink and love: doing whatsoever things are done upon earth.

Horus is seized by Sutu: who looketh as one turning towards the Garden of Hotepit.

But for me Sutu releaseth Horus: and the double path which is nigh to Heaven is thrown open by Sutu. And Sutu taketh his portion of the breeze through the Power of his own day [?] and he delivereth the bowels of Horus from the gods below.

Lo, I shall sail the great Bark on the Stream of the god Hotep l took it at the mansion of Shu.

The mansion of his stars is again and again renewed. I sail upon its streams that I may come to the domains thereof.

For I am in unison with his successive changes and his rules, and his papyrus, and his attendant gods, and his chieftains. He reconcileth the two Warrior gods with those who have charge of food and the beautiful creation which he raiseth up. He reconcileth the two Warrior gods with each other.

He severeth the mourners from those who quarrel with them: he puttest a stop to them whose hand is violent against those weaker than themselves: he keepeth within bounds the contentions of the Powers.

May I have possession there.

I know it and I sail upon its streams that I may come to the domains thereof.

My mouth is potent and secured against the Glorified that they may not have the mastery of me.

May I have the investiture of thy Garden, O Hotep. What thou willest, do thou it.

Let me be glorified there, and eat and drink there, and plough there, and reap there, and grind there, and have my fill of love. there.

May my mouth be potent there, let me there utter my Words of Power and not be slighted. [Here the text is uncertain.]

I am in possession of that Word of Power of mine which is the most potent one within this body of mine here: and by means of it I make myself either known or unknown.

I make my progress and I plough.

I take my rest in the divine Domain.

I know the names of the domains, the districts and the streams within the Garden of Hotep.

I am there, I am master there. I am in glory there, I eat there; I plant and I reap there; I plough there, and I take my fill of love. I am united there with god Hotep.

I cast my seed there, and I sail upon its stream that I may come to the domains thereof, O Hotep.

Lo, my mouth is armed with sharp points. There is given to me the abundance which belongeth to the Ka and to the Glorified.

I give the reckoning of Shu to him who understandeth it.

I sail upon its stream, and I range within the Garden of Hotep, for Ra is in the sky, and Hotep is putting together the oblations.

I hasten to the land, and I fasten my stole upon me, that I may come forth, and that that may be given to me which hath to be given;I may have joy and take possession of the wealth which Hotep to me.

Rise in Hotep, I arrive in thee, my soul is with me and my provision is before the Mistress of the Two Earths, who maketh fast my Words of Power, which recall to mind that which I have forgotten. Let me live free from strife; and be there granted to me enlargement of heart.

Let my arteries be made fast, and let me have enjoyment of the Breeze.

Rise in Hotep, blest with the Breeze, I arrive in thee, my head is uncovered: Ra sleepeth but there waketh for me, and there shineth upon the Hesit [the Cow-goddess] who lieth at the confines of Heaven by night.

He standeth in my way who heapeth against me his own dross.

But I am in my own domain.

Great Domain, I arrive in thee and I reckon up the abundance as I pass on to Uach.

I am the Bull, raised on high in the Blue; the lord of the Bull’s field; which Sothis describeth to me at her successive hours.

Uach, I arrive in thee, and I eat my cakes, and take possession of my joints of flesh and meat and fowl.

The winged things of Shu are given to me, and my Kau follow me.

Tefait, I arrive in thee, I put on the stole and fasten upon me the girdle of Ra, whilst he is in heaven, and the gods who are in heaven are following Ra.

Rise in Hotep, Lord of the two Earths, I arrive in thee: I salute the stream of Teserit. Lo, here am I, and all purity is far from me. The great one flourisheth. . . I net the ducks and I eat dainties.

Kankanit, I arrive in thee; that I may see my father and attentively view my mother.

I take care to net the reptiles; and that which protecteth me is that I know the name of that god who is next to Teserit (goddess with flowing locks, and armed with horns), and who reapeth.

I myself plow and reap.

Hesit, I arrive in thee, and I encounter the Blue.

I follow the Breezes, and the company of the gods.

It is the Great goddess who hath given me my hand, and he who fasteneth my head upon me is the Great god, the Blue-eyed, who doeth according to his own will.

Userit, I arrive in thee, in face of the mansion where food isproduced for me.

Smait, I arrive in thee. My heart is awake: my head is provided with the White crown and I am conveyed over the heavens: and I make those things to prosper which are below me: a joy to the Bull of the gods above, the divine company.

I am the Bull, the Lord of the gods; and I make my way through the midst of the Emerald ones.

Isle of Corn and Barley, divine district, I arrive in thee. I encounter and I bear off that which proceedeth from the head of Ra: the pair of horns which have the force of purification.

I make myself fast to the Block of Moorage on the heavenly stream and I utter my praise to the gods who are in the Garden of Hotepit.


Chapter whereby one taketh the blissful path at Restau.

O paths which are high above me at Restau; I am the Girdled and the mighty one, coming forth triumphantly.

I am come: I am come that I may firmly secure my suit in Abydos, and that the path may be open to me at Restau.

Let my suit be made pleasant for me by Osiris.

I am he who produceth the water which balanceth his throne, and who maketh his way from the Great Valley.

Let the path be made for me; for behold I am N the triumphant.

[Osiris is made triumphant over his adversaries, and the Osiris N is made triumphant over his adversaries, and is one of you, his patron is the Lord of Eternity: he walketh even as ye walk, he standeth as ye stand, he speaketh as ye speak, before the great god, the Lord of Amenta.]


Chapter whereby one entereth into the Great House.

Hail to thee, O Tmu, I am Thoth.

I have equally balanced the Divine Pair, I have put a stop to their strife, I have ended their complaints.

I have rescued the Atu from his backward course.

I have done what thou hast prescribed for him.

And I rest since then within my own Eye.

I am free from obstruction; and I come that thou mayst see me in the house where I repeat the ancient ordinances and words as aguidance whereby with thou shalt guide posterity.


Chapter whereby one Cometh to the Divine Circle of Osiris.

My soul buildeth for me a Hall in Tattu and I flourish in Pu.

My fields are ploughed by those who belong to me: therefore is my palm tree like Amsu.

Abominations, abominations, I eat them not. I abominate filth, I eat it not.

[Peace offerings are my food, by which I am not upset.]

I approach it not with my hands: I tread not upon it with my sandals; for my bread is of the white corn and my beer of the red corn of the Nile.

It is the Sektit boat, or it is the Atit boat, which bringeth them to me, and I, feed upon them under the foliage of the Tamsrisk.

I know how beautiful are the arms which announce Glory for me and the white crown which is lifted up by the divine Uraei.

Oh thou Gate-keeper of him who pacifieth the world, let that be brought to me of which oblations are made, and grant that the floors may be a support for me, and that the glorious god may open to me his arms, and that the company of gods be silent whilst the Hammemit converse with me.

O thou who guidest the hearts of the gods, protect me and let me have power in heaven among the starry ones.

And every divinity who presenteth himself to me, be he reckoned to the forerunners of Ra, be he reckoned to the forerunners of Light and to the Bright ones who deck the sky amid the Mighty ones.

Let me have my fill there of the Bread and Beer with the gods; that I enter through the Sun-disk and come forth through the Divine Pair, that the gods who follow may speak to me, and that Darkness and Night may be terrified before me in Mehiturit, by the side of him "’Who is in his sanctuary."

And lo! I am here with Osiris. My measure is his measure among the mighty ones. I speak to him the words of men and I repeat to him the words of gods.

There cometh a glorified one, equipped, who bringeth Mast to who love her.

I am the Glorified one and the Equipped. And better Equipped am I than any of the Glorified.

Part I.

Said on arriving at the Hall of Righteousness, that N may be loosed from all the sins which he hath committed and that he may look upon the divine countenances.

He saith: Hail to thee mighty god, lord of Righteousness l I am come to thee, oh my Lord: I have brought myself that I may look upon thy glory. I know thee, and I know the name of the Forty-two gods who make their appearance with thee in the Hall of Righteousness; devouring those who harbour mischief, and swallowing their blood, upon the Day of the searching examination in presence of Unneferu.

Verily, ’Thou of the Pair of Eyes, Lord of Righteousness’ is thy name.

Here am I; I am come to thee; I bring thee Right and have put a stop to Wrong.

I am not a doer of wrong to men.

I am not one Who slayeth his kindred.

I am not one who telleth lies instead of truth. I am not conscious of treason. I am not a doer of mischief.

I do not exact as the first fruits of each day more work than should be done for me.

My name cometh not to the Bark of the God who is at the Helm.

I am not a transgressor against a god.

I am not a tale-bearer.

I am not a detractor.

I am not a doer of that which the gods abhor.

I hurt no servant with his master.

I cause no famine.

I cause not weeping.

I am not a murderer.

I give not orders for murder.

I cause not suffering to men.

I reduce not the offerings in the temples.

I lessen not the cakes of the gods.

I rob not the dead of their funeral food

I am not an adulterer.

I am undefiled in the Sanctuary of the god of my domain.

I nether increase nor diminish the measures of grain.

I am not one who shorteneth the palm’s length.

I am not one who cutteth short the field’s measure.

I do not press upon the beam of the balance.

I snatch not the milk from the mouth of infants.

I drive not the cattle from their pastures.

I net not the birds of the manors of the gods.[?]

I catch not the fish of their ponds.[?]

I stop not the water at its appointed time.

I divide not an arm of the water in its course.

I extinguish not the lamp during its appointed time.

I do not defraud the Divine Circle of their sacrificial joints.

I drive not away the cattle of the sacred estate.

I stop not a god when he cometh forth.

I am pure, I am pure, I am pure.

My purity is that of the Great Bennu in Sutenhunen, for I am the Nose of the Lord of the Air, who giveth life to all mortals: on the day when the Eye is full in Annu, on the last day of Mechir; in the presence of the Lord of this land.

And I am one who see the fulness of the Eye in Annu, let no harm come to me in this land; in the Hall of Righteousness; because I know the names of the gods who make their appearance in it.

Part II.

1. Oh thou of long strides, who makest thine appearance in Annu; I am not a doer of wrong.

2. Oh thou who holdest the fire, and makest thine appearance in Cheraba, I am not a man of violence.

3. Oh thou of the Nose, who makest thine appearance at Chemun-nu; I am not evil-minded.

4. Oh Eater of the Shadow, who makest thine appearance at Elephantine; I am not rapacious.

5. Oh thou of the Serpent face, who makest thine appearance at Re-Stau; I am not a slayer of men.

6. Oh thou of Lion form, who makest thine appearance in Heaven; I am not fraudulent in measures of grain.

7. Oh thou whose eyes (pierce) like swords, who makest thine appearance in Seehem; I commit no fraud.

8. Oh thou of fiery face, whose motion is backwards; I am nota robber of sacred property.

9. Oh Breaker of bones, who makest thine appearance in Suten-hunen; I am not a teller of lies.

10. Oh thou who orderest the flame, who makest thine appearance in Memphis; I am not a robber of food.

11. Oh thou of the Two Caverns, who makest thine appearance in Amenta; I am not sluggish.

12. Oh thou of the Bright Teeth, who makest thine appearance in the Unseen Land; I am not a transgressor.

13. Oh Eater of Blood, who makest thine appearance at the Block; I have not slaughtered the sacred animals.

14. Oh Eater of Livers, who makest thine appearance at Mabit, I deal not fraudulently.

15. Oh Lord of Righteousness, who makest thine appearance in the place of Righteousness; I am not a land-grabber.

16. Oh thou who turnest backwards, who makest thine appearance in Bubastis; I am not an eaves-dropper.

17. Oh Aati, who makest thine appearance at Annu; I am not one of prating tongue.

18. Oh Tutuf, who makest thine appearance in Ati; I trouble myself only with my own affairs.

19. Oh Uammetu, who makest thine appearance at the Block; I commit not adultery with another’s wife.

20. Oh Maa-antu-f, who makest thine appearance in Pa-Amsu, I am not unchaste with anyone.

21. Oh thou who are above Princes, and who makest thine appearance in Amu; I do not cause terrors.

22. Oh Chemiu, who makest thine appearance in Kauu; I am not a transgressor.

23. Oh thou who raisest thy voice, and makest thine appearance in Urit; I am not hot of speech.

24. Oh divine Babe, who makest thine appearance in Annu; I lend not a deaf ear to the words of Righteousness.

25. Oh high-voiced one, who makest thine appearance in Unsit; I am not boisterous in behaviour.

26. Oh Basit, who makest thine appearance at the Shetait; I am not a cause of weeping to any.

27. Oh thou whose face is behind thee, and who makest thine appearance at thy cavern; I am not given to unnatural lust.

28. Oh thou, hot of foot, who makest thy appearance at even;indulge not in anger.

29. Oh Kenemtu, who makest thine appearance in Kenemit; I not given to cursing.

30. Oh thou who carriest thine own offering, and makest thine appearance in Syut; I am not of aggressive hand.

31. Oh thou who hast different faces, and makest thine appearance in Netefit; I am not of inconstant mind.

32. Oh Busy one, who makest thine appearance at Utenit; I not steal the skins of sacred animals.

33. Oh thou Horned one, who makest thine appearance at Sais; am not noisy in my speech.

34. Oh Nefertmu, who makest thine appearance in Memphis; I am neither a liar nor a doer of mischief.

35. Oh Tem-sepu, who makest thine appearance in Tattu; I am not one who curseth the king.

36. Oh thou who doest according to thine own will, and makest appearance in Tebuu, I put no check upon the water in its flow.

37. Oh Striker, who makest thine appearance in Heaven; I am not of loud voice.

38. Oh thou who makest mortals to flourish, and who makest thine appearance at Sais; I curse not a god.

39. Oh thou of the beautiful shoulder, who makest thine appearance at——; I am not swollen with pride.

40. Oh Neheb-kau, who makest thine appearance at thy cavern; I have no unjust preferences.

41. Oh thou of the raised head, who makest thine appearance at thy cavern; I have no strong desire except for my own property.

42. Oh thou who liftest thy arm, and who makest thine appearance in the Netherworld, I do not that which offendeth the god of my domain.

Part III.

[Said upon approaching the gods who are in the Tuat.]

Hail ye gods, I know you and I know your names; let me not be stricken down by your blows; report not the evil which is in me to the god whom ye follow. Let not reverse of mine come to pass through you.

Let not evil things be said against me in presence of the Inviolate One; because I have done the right in Tamerit.

I revile not the god: let not reverse of mine come to pass through the King who resideth within His own Day.

Hail ye gods who are in the Hall of Righteousness, who have nothing wrong about you; who subsist upon Righteousness in Annu, and who sate themselves with cares, in presence of the god who resideth within his own Orb; deliver me from Babai who feedeth upon the livers of princes on the Day of the Great Reckoning.

Behold me: I am come to you, void of wrong, without fraud, a harmless one; let me not be declared guilty: let not the issue. be against me.

I subsist upon Righteousness: I sate myself with the uprightness of heart: I have done that which man prescribeth and that which pleaseth the gods.

I have propitiated the god with that which he loveth. I have given bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, a boat to the shipwrecked. I have made oblations to the gods and funeral offerings to the departed: I deliver me therefore: protect me therefore: and report not against me in presence of the great god.

I am one whose mouth is pure, and whose hands are pure, to whom is said, "Come, come in peace," by those who look upon him.

For I have listened to the words which were spoken by the Ass and the Cat in the house of Hept-ro.

And I have undergone the inspection of the god whose face is behind him, who awardeth my verdict, so that I may behold what the Persea tree covereth in Restau.

I am one who glorifieth the gods and who knoweth the things which concern them.

I am come and am awaiting that inquisition be made of Rightfulness and that the Balance be set upon its stand within the bower of amaranth.

Oh thou are exalted upon thy pedestal and who callest thy name, Lord of Air; deliver me from those messengers of thine who inflict disasters and bring about mishaps. No covering have they upon their faces.

For I have done the Righteousness of a Lord of Righteousness.

I have made myself pure; my front parts are washed, my back parts are pure, and my inwards steeped in the Tank of Righteousness. There is not a limb in me which is void of Righteousness.

I purify me at the Southern Tank, and I rest me at the Northern take, in the Garden of Grasshoppers.

The Boatmen of Ra purify them there at this hour of the night or day and the hearts of the gods are appeased when I pass throughit by night or by day.

Let him come: that is what they say to me.

Who, pray, art thou? that is what they say to me.

What, pray, is thy name? that is what they say to me.

"He who groweth under the Grass and who dwelleth in the Olive tree" is my name.

Pass on then: that is what they say to me.

I pass on then to a place north of the Olive.

What, prithee, didst thou see there?

A thigh and a leg.

And what, prithee, said they to thee?

That I shall see the greetings in the lands there of the Fenchu:

What, prithee, did they give to thee?

A flame of fire and a pillar of crystal.

And what, prithee, didst thou to them?

I buried them on the bank of the Lake of Maait as Provision of the Evening.

What, prithee, didst thou find there on the bank of the Lake of Maait?

A sceptre of flint: ’Giver of Breath,’ is its name.

And what didst thou to the flame and to the pillar of crystal after thou hadst buried them?

I cried out after them and drew them forth, and I extinguished the fire, and I broke the pillar and I made a Tank.

Thou mayst now enter through the door of the hall of Righteousness, for thou knowest us.

I allow thee not to pass by me, saith the Leaf of the Door, unless thou tell my name:

"The Pointer of Truth" is thy name.

I allow thee not to pass by me, and saith the right side post of the Door, unless thou tell my name:

"The Scale-pan of one who lifteth up Right," is thy name.

I allow thee not to pass over me, saith the Threshold of the Door, unless thou tell thy name:

"Ox of Seb" is thy name.

I open not to the, saith the Lock of the Door, unless thou tell my name:

"Bone of An-maut-ef" is thy name.

I open not to thee, saith the Latch, unless thou tell my name:

"The Eye of Sebak, Lord of Bachan," is thy name.

I open not to thee and I allow thee not to pass by me, saith the Keeper of the Door, unless thou tell my name:

"The Knee of Shu, which he hath lent for the support, of Osiris," is thy name.

We allow thee not to pass by us, say the Lintels of the Door, unless thou tell us our names:

"The dragon brood of Renenut" is your name.

Thou knowest us; pass therefore by us.

I allow thee not to pass over me, saith the Floor of the Hall, for the reason that I am noiseless and clean, and because we know not the names of thy two feet, wherewith thou wouldst walk upon us. Tell me, then, their names.

"He who goeth before Amsu," is the name of my right foot and "The Truncheon of Hathor" is the name of my left foot.

Thou mayst walk over us: for thou knowest us.

I do not announce thee, saith the Doorkeeper, unless thou tell my name.

"He who knoweth the heart and exploreth the person" is thy name.

Then I will announce thee.

But who is that god who abideth in his own hour? Name him.

He who provideth for the Two Worlds.

Who, pray, is it? It is Thoth.

Come hither, saith Thoth, wherefore hast thou come?

I am come, and wait to be announced.

And what manner of man, I prithee, art thou?

I have cleansed myself from all the sins and faults of those who abide in their own day; for I am no longer among them.

Then I shall announce thee.

But who is he whose roof is of fire, and whose walls are living Uraei, and the floor of whose house is of running water? Who is it?

It is Osiris.

Proceed then: for behold, thou art announced.

Thy bread is from the Eye, thy beer is from the Eye, and the funeral meals offered upon earth will come forth to thee from the Eye. So it is decreed for me.

This chapter is said by the person, when purified and clad in raiment; shod with white sandals; annointed from vases of anta; and presenting oblations of beeves, birds, incense, bread, beer, and vegetables.

And thou shalt make a picture, drawn upon a clean brick of clay, extracted from a field in which no swine hath trod.

And if this chapter is written upon it—the man will prosper and his children will prosper; he will rise in the affection of the king and his court: there will be given to him the shesit cake, the measure of drink, the persen cake and the meat offering upon the altar table of the great god; and he shall not be cut off at any gate of Amenta, but he shall be conveyed along with the Kings of North and South, and make his appearance as a follower of Osiris: undeviatingly and for times infinite.



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