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Fasts and Pilgrimages


O ye who believe, there is prescribed for you the fast as it was prescribed for those before you; maybe ye will fear God for a certain number of days, but he among you who is sick or on a journey may fast a like number of other days. And for those who are able to fast and do not, the expiation is feeding a poor man; but he who voluntarily doeth a good act, it is better for him; and to fast is better for you, if ye only knew. The month of Ramadan, wherein the Koran was sent down for guidance to men, and for proofs of the guidance, and the distinguishing of good and evil; whoso among you seeth this month, let him fast in it; but he who is sick or on a journey, a like number of other days. . . .

Proclaim among the people a pilgrimage: let them come on foot and on every fleet camel to be present at its benefits to them, and to make mention of God’s name at the appointed days over the beasts with which He hath provided them: then eat thereof, and feed the poor and needy; then let them end the neglect of their persons, and pay their vows, and make the circuit of the ancient House.1

Do ye place the giving drink to the pilgrims, and the visiting of the Sacred Mosque, on the same level with him who believeth in God and the Last Day, and fighteth on the path of God? They are not equal in the sight of God.

4 Lane-Poole, , pp. 135–137.

1 The Kaaba, or chief sanctuary of Mecca.


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