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Capture of Acre


By the conjunction of the retinues of the two kings, an immense army of Christians was formed . . . . There was not a man of influence or renown in France who came not, then or afterwards, to the siege of Acre. And when King Richard arrived with an army, the flower of war, and learned that the king of France had gained the goodwill and favor of all, by giving to each of his soldiers three aurei a month, not to be outdone or equaled in generosity, he proclaimed by mouth of herald that whosoever was in his service, no matter of what nation, should receive four aurei a month for his pay. By these means his generosity was extolled by all, for he outshone every one else in merit and favors, as he outdid them in gifts and magnificence. "When," exclaimed they, "will the first attack take place, by a man whom we have expected so long and anxiously? A man, the first of kings, and the most skilled in war throughout Christendom? Now let the will of God be done, for the hope of all rests on King Richard."

From the day on which the Saracens first got possession of the city of Acre, to that on which it was restored, was a space of four years. . . . The state of the churches within the city was not beheld without horror, and it is not without grief that we relate the unseemly things that had been perpetrated within them. For who could behold, without tears, the countenances of the holy images of the crucifixion of the Son of God, and of many saints, defiled or disfigured in one way or another? Who would not shudder at the horrible sight of altars overthrown, and of crucifixes cast to the earth and beaten in contempt by that insulting and impious nation, the Saracens, and their own rites exhibited in holy places? All the relics of man’s redemption and the Christian religion had been effaced, and the corruption of the Mohammedan superstition had been introduced.

1 , bk. iii, chs. 4, 19.


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