Classic Stories of the "Wild West"

Life on the American Frontier has often been dramatized in stories that often present an exaggerated version of a romantic, violent Wild West. The characters and settings from these stories have worked their way into American folklore. The following novels and short stories represent the most influential works of this genre.

 A Millionaire of Rough and Ready (Bret Harte)

 A Waif of the Plains (Bret Harte)

 Arizona Nights (Stewart Edward White)

 Bucky O’connor (William MacLeod Raine)

 Colonel Starbottle’s Client (Bret Harte)

 Cow Country (B. M. Bower)

 Cressy (Bret Harte)

 Desert Gold (Zane Grey)

 Devil’s Ford (Bret Harte)

 Drift from Two Shores (Bret Harte)

 Good Indian (B. M. Bower)

 Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest, With a Few Observations (James Frank Dobie)

 Her Prairie Knight (B. M. Bower)

 Heritage of the Desert (Zane Grey)

 Hopalong Cassidy’s Rustler Round up (Clarence Edward Mulford)

 In a Hollow of the Hills (Bret Harte)

 In the Carquinez Woods (Bret Harte)

 Jean of the Lazy a (B. M. Bower)

 Last of the Great Scouts (Helen Cody Wetmore)

 Light of the Western Stars (Zane Grey)

 Mr. Jack Hamlin’s Mediation (Bret Harte)

 My Antonia (Willa Cather)

 O Pioneers! (Willa Cather)

 Riders of the Purple Sage (Zane Grey)

 Ridgway of Montana (Story of Today, in Which the Hero Is Also the Villain) (William MacLeod Raine)

 Snow Bound at Eagle’s (Bret Harte)

 Susy, a Story of the Plains (Bret Harte)

 Tales of the Argonauts (Bret Harte)

 Tales of Trail and Town (Bret Harte)

 The Call of the Canyon (Zane Grey)

 The Flying U Ranch (B. M. Bower)

 The Last of the Plainsmen (Zane Grey)

 The Lone Star Ranger, a Romance of the Border (Zane Grey)

 The Man of the Forest (Zane Grey)

 The Mountains (Stewart Edward White)

 The Octopus: A Story of California (Frank Norris)

 The Outlet (Andy Adams)

 The Round up: A Romance of Arizona Novelized from Edmund Day’s Melodrama (John Murray)

 The Seventh Man (Max Brand)

 The Song of the Lark (Willa Cather)

 The Story of a Mine (Bret Harte)

 The Three Partners (Bret Harte)

 The Trail of the White Mule (B. M. Bower)

 The Twins of Table Mountain (Bret Harte)

 The Virginian, Horseman of the Plains (Owen Wister)

 The Vision Splendid (William MacLeod Raine)

 The Young Forester (Zane Grey)

 To the Last Man (Zane Grey)

 Two Men of Sandy Bar; a Drama (Bret Harte)

 U. P. Trail: A Novel (Zane Grey)

 Under the Redwoods (Bret Harte)

 Wildfire (Zane Grey)

 Wolfville (Alfred Henry Lewis)

 Wolfville Days (Alfred Henry Lewis)

 Wyoming, Story of Outdoor West (William MacLeod Raine)