Decisive Battles of World History

Soldiers and their leaders have committed themselves to bloody, dangerous battles in support of their ideologies and nations. The following documents provide an in-depth look at the battles that helped change the tide of history's most important wars.

 The Battle at the Pass of Thermopylæ

 Sennacherib Lays Siege to Jerusalem (Sennacherib)

 The Battle of Marathon (Edward Shepherd Creasy)

 Defeat of the Athenians at Syracuse (Edward Shepherd Creasy)

 The Battle of Arbela (Edward Shepherd Creasy)

 Battle of the Metaurus (Edward Shepherd Creasy)

 The Battle of Hastings

 Battles of Sluys and Crecy (John Froissart)

 Battle of Crécy

 Surrender of Calais

 Battle of Poitiers

 Defeat of the Spanish Armada (Edward Shepherd Creasy)

 Champlain’s Battle With the Iroquois on Lake Champlain (Samuel de Champlain)

 Prince Eugene Vanquishes the Turks; Siege and Battle of Belgrad (Prince Eugene of Savoy)

 Chapter III. Battle of Liegnitz. (Thomas Carlyle)

 Seven Years’ War; Battle of Torgau (Wolfgang Menzel and Frederick the Great)

 Alamance Creek, Battle of (Thomas L. Purvis)

 Battle of Lexington (Richard Frothingham)

 Battle of Bunker Hill (Burgoyne et al.)

 Defeat of Burgoyne at Saratoga (Edward Shepherd Creasy)

 Siege and Surrender of Yorktown (Dawson and Cornwallis)

 The Battle of Austerlitz

 The Battle Between the Constitution and the Guerriere (Theodore Roosevelt)

 Perry’s Victory on Lake Erie (Theodore Roosevelt)

 The Battle of New Orleans (Theodore Roosevelt)

 The Battle of Waterloo (Menzel et al.)

 Siege of Missolonghi (George Finlay)

 The Battle of Navarino (Harriet Martineau)

 Battles of Magenta and Solferino (Pietro Orsi)

 The Battle of Bull Run (Horace Greeley)

 Peninsular Campaign (1862) (George B. McClellan)

 The Battle of Gettysburg (Victor et al.)

 Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg (1863) (James Longstreet)

 March to the Sea (1864) (William Tecumseh Sherman)

 Battle of Manila Bay (1898) (George Dewey)

 The Battles of Santiago (Draper et al.)

 Eastern Solomons, Battle of the (Thomas L. Purvis)