European Colonization of North America, 1562-1753

These first-hand accounts provide intimate views of the 200-year colonization of the eastern seaboard. Groups of people from England, France, Spain, Netherland established communities that would eventually band together to become the United States of America.

 A Description of Drake (Francisco de Zarate)

 A Healing Question (Henry Vane)

 Arbitrary Government Described and the Government of the Massachusetts Vindicated from That Aspersion (John Winthrop)

 Bacon’s Rebellion (Unknown)

 Champlain’s Battle With the Iroquois on Lake Champlain (Samuel de Champlain)

 Chapter III—Norse and Spanish Discoveries

 Chapter IX—Conditions

 Chapter VI — Reasons for Colonization

 Chapter XIV—Conditions

 Chapter XXII—Conditions

 Description of Pennsylvania (William Penn)

 Discovery of Niagara Falls (Louis Hennepin)

 Dominique De Gourgues (Francis Parkman)

 Drake in California (Drake's Nephew)

 Eliot’s Brief Narrative (John Eliot)

 Establishing the Colony of Georgia (James Edward Oglethorpe)

 First Charter of Virginia (King James I)

 Founding of New Amsterdam (Nicolas Jean de Wassenaer)

 Gosnald’s Discovery of Cape Cod (Bartholemew Gosnold)

 Gosnold’s Settlement at Cuttyhunk (Gabriel Archer)

 How the Bay Colony Differed from Plymouth (John G. Palfrey)

 How the Pilgrim Fathers Lived (Edward Winslow)

 Hudson’s Third Voyage (John de Laet)

 John Locke and the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina (H. R. Fox Bourne)

 La Salle’s Voyage to the Mouth of the Mississippi (Francis Parkman)

 Leisler’s Rebellion (A Gentleman of the City of New York)

 Letter from Eliot to Hon. Robert Boyle (John Eliot)

 Lord Baltimore’s Plantation in Maryland (George and Leonard Calvert)

 M. Robert Cavelier De La Salle (Louis Hennepin)

 Marquette’s Discovery of the Mississippi (James Marquette)

 Oglethorpe in Georgia (Joel Chandler Harris)

 Origin of Slavery in America (John A. Doyle)

 Penn’s Treaty With the Indians (William Penn)

 Phipps, the First of Our Self-Made Men (Cotton Mather)

 Roger Williams in Rhode Island (Nathaniel Morton)

 Sir Walter Raleigh’s Virginia Colonies (John A. Doyle)

 The Beginnings of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Thomas Dudley)

 The Birth of Virginia Dare (John White)

 The Body of Liberties (Nathaniel Ward)

 The Colonization of Louisiana (Charles E. T. Gayarre)

 The Colony at Roanoke (Ralph Lane)

 The Death of King Philip (Benjamin Church)

 The Death of Marquette (Claude Dablon)

 The Discovery of the Hudson River (Robert Juet)

 The English Conquest of New York (John R. Brodhead)

 The Famous Charter Oak Affair (Alexander Johnston)

 The First Representative Assembly (John Twine)

 The First Voyage to Roanoke (Amadas and Barlowe)

 The Founding of Connecticut (Alexander Johnston)

 The Founding of Harvard College (Unknown)

 The Founding of New Sweden (Israel Acrelius)

 The Founding of Quebec (Samuel de Champlain)

 The Founding of St. Augustine (Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajalas)

 The Founding of St. Augustine and the Massacre by Menendez (John A. Doyle)

 The Founding of William and Mary College (Unknown)

 The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (Unknown)

 The Huguenots in Florida (Francis Parkman)

 The Instrument of Government (Cromwell and His Council of Officers)

 The Mayflower Compact

 The Outbreak of King Philip’s War (William Hubbard)

 The Penalty for Not Going to Church (The County Court of Middlesex)

 The Pequot Massacre at Fort Mystic (John Mason)

 The Persecution of the Quakers (James Cudworth)

 The Settlement of Jamestown (John Smith)

 The Settlement of Louisiana (Benard de la Harpe)

 The Settlement of Massachusetts (Edward Johnson)

 The Voyage of the Mayflower (William Bradford)

 Witchcraft in New England (John G. Palfrey)