Crucial Speeches of the Early Republic, 1766–1847

Speeches and essays that helped form an identity for America.

 Dangers of a Salaried Bureaucracy (1766) (Benjamin Franklin)

 The "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" Speech (1775) (Patrick Henry)

 On His Appointment as Commander-in-Chief (1775) (George Washington)

 On American Independence (1776) (Samuel Adams)

 On the Federal Constitution (1787) (Benjamin Franklin)

 On the Adoption of the Federal Constitution (1788) (Alexander Hamilton)

 On the Federal Constitution (1788) (John Marshall)

 Shall Liberty or Empire Be Sought (1788) (Patrick Henry)

 For the Relief of Slaves (1788) (William Pinkney)

 His First Inaugural Address (1789) (George Washington)

 His Farewell Address (1796) (George Washington)

 On the Treaty With Great Britain (1796) (Fisher Ames)

 His First Inaugural Address (1801) (Thomas Jefferson)

 On the Death of Hamilton (1804) (Eliphalet Nott)

 Red Jacket on the Religion of the White Man and the Red (1805) (Red Jacket)

 On the Offensive War With England (1806) (John Randolph)

 Tecumseh to Govenor Harrison at Vincennes (1810) (Tecumseh)

 Tecumseh to General Proctor (1813) (Tecumseh)

 Pushmataha to John C. Calhoun (1824) (Pushmataha)

 The Issue in the Revolution (1825) (Edward Everett)

 His Second Inaugural Address (1832) (Andrew Jackson)

 Black Hawk to General Street (1832) (Black Hawk)

 The Death of Lafayette (1835) (Sargent S. Prentiss)

 Bancroft the People in Art, Government, and Religion (1835) (George Bancroft)

 His Farewell Address (1837) (Andrew Jackson)

 The Murder of Lovejoy (1837) (Wendell Phillips)

 The Expunging Resolution (1837) (Thomas Hart Benton)

 The American Scholar (1837) (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

 VIII Peter Wilson on the Empire State (1847) (Peter Wilson)