Ancient Greek Literature

Ancient Greece produced some of history's best philosophers, scientists, and playwrights. Though much of classical Greek literature has not survived, collected here are some outstanding works that remain from Greece's best minds.

 Ajax (Sophocles)

 Alcestis (Euripides)

 An Account of Egypt (Herodotus)

 Andromache (Euripides)

 Antigone (Sophocles)

 Aphorisms (Hippocrates)

 Cratylus (Plato)

 Critias (Plato)

 Electra (Euripides)

 Gorgias (Plato)

 Hecuba (Euripides)

 Helen (Euripides)

 Heracles (Euripides)

 Hesiod, Homeric Hymns, And Homerica (Hesiod)

 Hippolytus (Euripides)

 Instruments Of Reduction (Hippocrates)

 Ion (Euripides)

 Iphigenia At Aulis (Euripides)

 Iphigenia In Tauris (Euripides)

 Laws (Plato)

 Lysis (Plato)

 Lysistrata (Aristophanes)

 Medea (Euripides)

 Menexenus (Plato)

 Oedipus At Colonus (Sophocles)

 Oedipus Trilogy (Sophocles)

 Of The Epidemics (Hippocrates)

 On Airs, Waters, And Places (Hippocrates)

 On Ancient Medicine (Hippocrates)

 On Fractures (Hippocrates)

 On Regimen In Acute Diseases (Hippocrates)

 On The Articulations (Hippocrates)

 Orestes (Euripides)

 Parmenides (Plato)

 Peace (Aristophanes)

 Phaedo (Plato)

 Phaedrus (Plato)

 Philoctetes (Sophocles)

 Plutus (Aristophanes)

 Protagoras (Plato)

 Rhesus (Euripides)

 Sophist (Plato)

 Symposium (Plato)

 The Acharnians (Aristophanes)

 The Apology Of Socrates (Plato)

 The Bacchantes (Euripides)

 The Birds (Aristophanes)

 The Clouds (Aristophanes)

 The Cyclops (Euripides)

 The Discourses (Epictetus)

 The Ecclesiazusae (Aristophanes)

 The Frogs (Aristophanes)

 The Golden Sayings of Epictetus (Epictetus)

 The Heracleidae (Euripides)

 The History Of Herodotus (Herodotus)

 The Iliad (Homer)

 The Knights (Aristophanes)

 The Odyssey (Homer)

 The Phoenissae (Euripides)

 The Suppliants (Euripides)

 The Thesmophoriazusae (Aristophanes)

 The Trachiniae (Sophocles)

 The Trojan Women (Euripides)

 The Wasps (Aristophanes)

 Theaetetus (Plato)