95 Lessons on US Primary Sources

Each lesson features one or more primary sources that will aid you to understand an issue or event of significance in American life and history. The featured first-hand documents will help you weigh the issues within the cultural perspective of its time. The variety of opinions and feelings you will confront will help you develop an historical perspective as you learn to examine forces such as the impact of war; the development of human-rights sensitivities; America's relations with the international community; the degree of "equality" of education that was supposed to exist during various phases of its history; or the politics and culture of the past centuries since colonial and independence beginnings to modern times.

 A 1939 Letter of Protest: Controversy Over Public Art During the New Deal

 A Cartoonist’s View of the Eisenhower Years

 "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy": The First Typed Draft of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s War Address

 A Letter of Appeal on Behalf of Raoul Wallenberg

 A Letter on Employment of Married Women

 A Letter to Giuseppe Garibaldi

 A Literacy Test

 A Political Cartoon

 A Poster on Inflation

 A Questionnaire on Moral Problems and Discipline, c. 1924

 A Resolution on "The Indian Question"

 A Ship’s Manifest, 1847

 A Telegram from Persia

 Abington v. Schempp: A Study in the Establishment Clause

 Alexander Graham Bell’s Telephone Patent

 An English Theme Written About the Relocation of Americans of Japanese Ancestry

 Cache Note from Peary’s North Greenland Expedition of 1892

 Campaign Slogans and Fliers

 Cartoon Analysis of Peace Propaganda

 Censoring the Mails: What Is Your Opinion?

 Census of Cherokees in the Limits of Georgia in 1835

 Chinese Exclusion Forms

 Civil Rights Mini-Unit

 Close Encounters with the Fourth Dimension

 Constitutional Issues Through Documents: Ex Parte Milligan

 Constitutional Issues: Federalism

 Constitutional Issues: Separation of Powers

 Constitutional Issues: Watergate and the Constitution

 Correspondence Concerning Women and the Army Air Forces in World War II

 Correspondence Urging Bombing of Auschwitz during World War II

 D-day Message from General Eisenhower to General Marshall

 Decision at Yalta: Anna Roosevelt’s Diary

 Documents and Discovery: Jefferson’s Letter to Washington Accepting the Position of Secretary of State

 Due Process and Student Rights: Syllabus of the Goss v. Lopez Decision

 Eleanor Roosevelt Resigns From the DAR: A Study in Conscience

 Fire Prevention Posters: The Story of Smokey Bear

 German Propaganda Leaflets in World War I

 Glidden’s Patent Application for Barbed Wire

 Immigration Patterns, Public Opinion, and Government Policy

 It’s in the Cards: Archives and Baseball

 Jackie Robinson, President Eisenhower, and the Little Rock Crisis

 Letter from a Mother

 Letter Proposing Candidates for the First U.N. Assembly

 Lincoln Memorial

 Lincoln’s Letter to Siam

 Lincoln’s Spot Resolutions

 Little House in the Census: Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder

 Man of the Hour…A Comparison of Leadership

 Mapping a Mystery: The Battle of Little Bighorn

 Maps Using Hachure and Contour Methods

 Native American Education

 Nazi Medical Experiment Report: Evidence from the Nuremberg Medical Trial

 No Religious Test: A Letter to Candidate John F. Kennedy

 "On Your Mark...Get Set...Go!"—The Space Race

 "Out of Fear and into Peace": President Eisenhower’s Address to the United Nations

 Petition for a Fair Representation of African Americas at the World’s Columbian Exposition

 Petition for the Rights of Hopi Women

 Photograph of a Land Auction

 Photographs of Ellis Island: The High Tide of Immigration

 Plessy v. Ferguson Mandate

 President Harry S. Truman’s Diary

 President Kennedy’s Address to the Nation on the James Meredith Case

 President Nixon’s Letter of Resignation

 Press Release Announcing U.S. Recognition of Israel (1948)

 Reconstruction, the Fourteenth Amendment, and Personal Liberties

 Rights in Times of Crisis: American Citizens and Internment

 Robert E. Lee’s Resignation from the U.S. Army

 Rock ’n’ Roll Heroes: A Letter to President Eisenhower

 Schools for Americanization

 Sierra Club Petition to Congress Protesting the Proposed Diminution of Yosemite National Park

 State Department Briefing Notebook for President Eisenhower

 Surgeon General’s Office

 The 26th Amendment and Youth Voting Rights

 "The Alternative of Williamsburg": A British Cartoon on Colonial American Violence

 The Bill of Rights: Due Process and Rights of the Accused

 The Black Soldier in World War I

 The Fight for Equal Rights: A Recruiting Poster for Black Soldiers in the Civil War

 The First Amendment: The Finished Mystery Case and World War I

 The Homestead Act of 1862

 The Inquiry Into the Education of Don Henry, and His Subsequent Death in the Spanish Civil War

 The Pledge of Allegiance

 The Ratification of the Constitution

 The Red Scare and A. Mitchell Palmer

 The Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection

 The Statue of Liberty Deed of Presentation

 The Wording of the First Amendment Religion Clauses

 The World Economy: An Early Problem for Young America

 The Zimmermann Telegram

 Three Photographs of Children at Work, Circa 1908

 Tonkin Gulf: A Study in Historical Interpretation

 U.S. Court of Claims Deposition of Kish um us tubbee

 Victory Gardens in World War II

 Writing a Letter of Appeal

 1869 Petition: The Appeal for Woman Suffrage