Plutarch (c. 46-120 AD) was a Greek biographer, historian, and essayist. His Parallel Lives of Illustrious Greeks and Romans were comparative biographies written in pairs, comparing one influential Greek with one influential Roman. Plutarch's Lives were used as sources for Shakespeare and other Elizabethan playwrights. Plutarch also wrote Morals, a collection of essays and dialogues on historical, rhetorical, and philosophical topics.

 Aemilius Paulus: 229-160 B.C.

 Agesilaus: 485-401 B.C.

 Alcibiades: 450-404 B.C.

 Alexander: 356-323 B.C.

 Antony: 83?-30 B.C.

 Aratus: 271-213 B.C.

 Aristides: 530?-468? B.C.

 Artaxerxes: 437-359 B.C.

 Caesar: 100-44 B.C.

 Caius Marius: 155?-86 B.C.

 Camillus: 445?-365 B.C.

 Cato The Younger: 95-46 B.C.

 Cicero: 106-43 B.C.

 Cimon: 507?-449 B.C.

 Cleomenes: 263-219 B.C.

 Complete Works of Plutarch—Volume 3: Essays and Miscellanies

 Coriolanus: Legendary, 5th Century B.C.

 Crassus: 115?-53 B.C.

 Demetrius: 337?-283 B.C.

 Demosthenes: 385?-322 B.C.

 Dion: 408?-353 B.C.

 Eumenes: Reigned 197-160? B.C.

 Fabius: 270-203 B.C.

 Flamininus: 230?-174 B.C.

 Galba: 5 B.C.? - 69 A.D.

 Lucullus: 110?-56 B.C.

 Lycurgus: Legendary, 9th Century B.C.

 Lysander: 445?-395 B.C.

 Marcellus: 268?-208 B.C.

 Marcus Brutus: 85?-42 B.C.

 Marcus Cato: 234-149 B.C.

 Nicias: ?-413 B.C.

 Numa Pompilius: Legendary, 8th-7th Century B.C.

 Pelopidas: 325?-364 B.C.

 Pericles: 490?-429 B.C.

 Philopoemen: 253?-183 B.C.

 Phocion: 402?-317 B.C.

 Pompey: 106-48 B.C.

 Poplicola: 500 B.C.

 Pyrrhus: 365?-272 B.C.

 Romulus: Legendary, 8th Century B.C.

 Sertorius: 130?-72 B.C.

 Solon: 638-539 B.C.

 Sylla: 138-78 B.C.

 The Boys’ and Girls’ Plutarch; Being Parts of the "Lives" of Plutarch Edited for Boys and Girls

 The Comparison Of Crassus With Nicias

 The Comparison Of Lucullus With Cimon

 The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol 2

 Themistocles: 445-365 B.C.

 Theseus: Legendary

 Tiberius Gracchus: 163-133 B.C.

 Timoleon: 411?-337 B.C.