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 Great Scientists
 A Source Book in Medieval Science
 The Principle of Relativity--Lorentz, Minkowski, Weyl, Einstein
 Relativity--The General and Special Theory by Albert Einstein
 Classics of Modern Science, Copernicus to Pasteur
 Williams, Henry Smith, 1863-1943
 Religion and Science

 "Dynamical Theory of Heat," Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, March, 1851
 "Experimenta Circa Gradum Caloris Liquorum Nonnullorum Ebullientium Instituta," Philosophical Transactions, Vol. 33, 1724, P. 1
 Eighteenth Century Science
 Fragments of Thought by Pythagoras
 Fragments of Thought of Anaxagoras
 Fragments of Thought of Anaximander
 Fragments of Thought of Anaximenes
 Fragments of Thought of Empedokles
 Fragments of Thought of Herakleitos
 Fragments of Thought of Leukippos and Demokritos
 Fragments of Thought of Melissos
 Fragments of Thought of Parmenides
 Fragments of Thought of Zeno
 Graeco-Roman Science
 Natural History, Bk. II
 Natural History, Bk. VII.
 On Experimental Science
 Seventeenth Century Natural Science
 The Library of Original Sources, Vol 6
 The Library of Original Sources, Vol 9
 The Novum Organum
 The Sizes and Distances of the Sun and Moon